Find A Scentsy Consultant

There’s always room for one more Scentsy Consultant!  Wondering who’s already in your area to network with and join in on local Scentsy team meetings?  You might just be the first to sell Scentsy in your area!  Sign up and sell Scentsy on my team and you can be your own Consultant!!

If you’re wanting to buy Scentsy right now, you can order online easily and have it shipped right to your door.  You don’t have to go to a party or even order from a party; you can buy online any time.

Scentsy Consultants in Your Area

Go to the Scentsy Corporate website and click on “Find a Scentsy Consultant” to find a consultant near you.  Scentsy will give you a list of 5 local consultants for you to look up and choose from.

If you have questions for a Scentsy Consultant, I’m here to help!  I can help you choose the perfect Scentsy products to buy, sponsor your Scentsy fundraiser, or be your sponsor and mentor you to build your own successful Scentsy business!  Scentsy doesn’t have any territories, so you can buy from whomever you want, and join any team you choose.  I would love for you to choose to be a Scentsy Consultant on my team!

Scentsy party~Becky Sattler, Independent Scentsy Star Director
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