How to Get Scentsy Wax Out of Carpet

Scentsy Wax spilled on your carpet?

Although Scentsy is SAFE and will not pose any fire hazard, it could still spill on your carpet!

I’ve been lucky to never have had Scentsy wax spill on my carpet (even with four little kiddies! Whew!), but I have had a few customers call with that problem.  We’ve tried a few different things, but I decided it might be good to post the “best practices” in case you need it too!

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  1. Pick off as much of the Scentsy wax as you can.
  2. Use an ice cube to chill the Scentsy wax to chip off more of the excess. Get as much as you can, but don’t ruin your carpet.
  3. Place a paper bag, paper towel, or piece of newspaper on the carpet where the wax spilled. Go over the paper with an iron on the lowest setting to heat the wax (a hair dryer would work too). Scentsy wax is formulated to melt at a low temp, so it won’t take long.  The paper will soak up the wax and pull it away from your carpet.  Change the paper as needed until all of the Scentsy wax is removed.
  4. If the wax is gone, but the wax color stained the carpet, use a clean paper towel to apply rubbing alcohol to any areas as necessary.
  5. Rinse the carpet where the wax spilled with clean water. You can use a clean, wet rag or a spray bottle.
  6. Dry the carpet right away to ensure the stain is gone.

Scentsy Grab Tabs for changing wax

Hope this helps!  Good luck with your Scentsy warmer and hope you don’t have to use these instructions too often!  If you’re having trouble spilling your Scentsy wax as you change the wax in a Plug-in Scentsy warmer, try the brand new Scentsy Grab Tabs.  Just place the small plastic tab in the warmer once you are ready to change the wax and turn off the warmer.  The Scentsy wax will harden around the plastic Grab Tab and you’ll be able to pop it right out… with no spilled wax!

Let me know if you need me to help you pick out some brand new fun Scentsy scents to put in your Scentsy warmer now that the wax is all cleaned up!  :)

~Becky Sattler, Independent Scentsy Director
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2 Responses to How to Get Scentsy Wax Out of Carpet

  1. Thank you for the helpful tips above…I sure hope I can make it work! I have had this warmer and/or another small wall warmer plugged into the same spot for almost two years….”4″ Sons (18, 14, 2 x’s 9) and a husband and it was me that spilled it. I turned it on this morning and should have noticed that it was sitting a bit off. As I came down the stairs and noticed my thought was, oh dear…I don’t want it to spill…I had better adjust it. What happened was that little while rubber grommet that sits between the ceramic warmer and the electrical part…stuck just enough to make it fling right out on to the carpet…one of those “I should’a known better moments…gosh why did I not just shut if off to cool first”. Live and learn! I will give your tips a whirl! Thanks so much…keep your fingers crossed! :-)

  2. Thanks for this! I used the paper towel with an iron and it came up in just a few minutes (:

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