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Home Party

Thought you’d like to host a Scentsy party, but never got around to it?  Now is the BEST time to host a Scentsy party!!  January is DOUBLE the half-price host rewards, so you can get even more Scentsy for FREE.  If you live nearby,  I’ll come over and together we’ll have a fun, no-pressure party to help your friends spend their Christmas money on something they’ll really love. Contact me to schedule your Scentsy party today!

Basket Party

If you don’t live so close, an easy way to get free Scentsy rewards is a Basket party.  I’ll send you my “Scentsy party in a purse” and you can host it more like a catalog or book party.  It’s super simple – just take the bag of tiny Scentsy scent testers around with you everywhere you go, taking orders.  After about a week, you  send it all back and get lots of FREE Scentsy, without even having to clean your house or provide treats!   I’ll be your Scentsy Consultant and help you with everything – it’s super easy!  Schedule your Scentsy party today.