Scentsy Fine Fragrance Roller PerfumeScentsy Perfume

Scentsy Perfume rollers are a part of the Scentsy Skin product line.  These compact, convenient fragrance rollers apply Scentsy fine perfume along your pulse points, or wherever you wish.  Scentsy Fine Fragrance Rollers are portable and highly scented for a lingering hint of fine fragrance, with the convenience of a perfume roller. (.34 fl. oz.)

Scentsy roller perfumes are small enough to fit in your purse to take along with you everywhere; even TSA approved so you can take your Scentsy perfume along with you when you travel.  I love to keep my roller perfume in my purse to freshen up after a long airplane flight.

Each Scentsy fine fragrance roller perfume is given a number instead of a name, leaving the specific fragrance interpretation experience up to you.

So, get a few and see which ones become your go-to favorites, and which Scentsy perfumes you reserve for only those special occasions.Buy Scentsy Perfume Online

  • Scentsy Roller PerfumeFine Fragrance Roller No. 09:  Crushed Pineapple, Coconut Milk and Exotic Vanilla (10ml)

  • Fine Fragrance Roller No. 27:  Mandarin Nectar, Velvet Rose & White Amber (10 ml)

  • Fine Fragrance Roller No. 34:  Candied Violet, Pink Orchid & Chantilly Cream (10ml)

  • Fine Fragrance Roller No. 45:  Lemon Sugar, Wild Poppy & Tonka Bean (10ml)

  • Fine Fragrance Roller No. 82:  White Peach, White Magnolia & White Amber (10ml)


Scentsy Perfume

Scentsy now only offers the Fine Fragrance Roller Perfume, and has discontinued the Layers line of Scentsy products, so the Solid Perfume is no longer available.  Scentsy has specially formulated the Fine Fragrance Roller, and I think you will fall in love with the gorgeous fine fragrance perfumes!

Scentsy sold previously available solid perfumes by Scentsy Layers but are no longer available.   The Scentsy Solid Perfumes have been replaced by the Fine Fragrance Roller Perfumes.