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Scentsy Shooting Star Award

Scentsy Shooting Star Award

Scentsy has fantastic incentives for brand new Scentsy Consultants to help them kickstart their Scentsy business and find instant success. One of the great incentives Scentsy offers is called the Shooting Star Award. Normally, any Scentsy Consultant who sells 500 in PRV (approx. $500 USD) in their first 15 days is eligible to purchase the Scentsy Shooting Star Kit which is a collection of current Scentsy products valued at approx. $309 USD for only $200! In addition to the deep discount on the kit Scentsy Consultants are also paid commission on the purchase of the kit making it actually even cheaper! The kit is a great way to get more Scentsy product to showcase at parties.

WELL, during the month of MARCH 2017, any new Consultant who joins and earns the Shooting Star Award,  (reminder – that means selling 500 PRV in their first 15 days), gets the entire Shooting Star Kit for FREE! That’s $309 in FREE Scentsy products for new Consultants who sell at least 500 PRV in their first 15 days. It’s a great incentive and if you’ve been on the fence considering becoming a Scentsy Consultant, now is a great time to jump in and rock and roll and get $309 in FREE product!

Join Scentsy - Become a Scentsy Consultant

Beyond the great value of that Shooting Star Kit that you can earn and receive for FREE this month, March is a great time to join because of the increase in sales due to the excitement of the new Scentsy products in the Scentsy Catalog! Every March and September Scentsy introduces a new catalog and the new products in the March 2017 Scentsy Catalog are proving to be very popular! So if you’ve ever thought of launching your own business and becoming a Scentsy Consultant and have just been waiting for the right time, this promotion is a great time! Not only that, you’ll have time to grow your business in time for the Fall season when sales and recruiting naturally pickup so that you position yourself for a rank promotion!

BTW – If you’re curious which are the most popular new Scentsy Warmers and Scents in the new catalog, follow the red link!

Shooting Star Award

**AUGUST exclusive join Scentsy special:  join in August and earn the Shooting Star kit… for FREE!**Join Scentsy - Become a Scentsy Consultant

Shooting Star Free Kit

There are many incentives and reasons for having a quick start when you join Scentsy. One of those award incentives is called the Shooting Star Award.

To earn the Shooting Star Scentsy Award, a consultant has to sell 500 PRV points within 15 days of signing up to sell Scentsy.

When a Scentsy Consultant earns this award, he/she not only earns enough in commission pay to cover the cost of the startup kit, but she also has the opportunity to purchase the Shooting Star Enhancement Kit. This kit is valued over $300, and is available to a Scentsy Consultant who earns Shooting Star to purchase for only $200 USD. The good thing is that they earn commission on the purchase as well, so it is an even better deal than it appears.

Shooting Star Enhancement Kit

This exclusive Shooting Star Enhancement Kit includes many current Scentsy products, which the new Consultant can keep for personal use, can use for displays at parties or events, can sell to customers, or can even be used as gifts or “trial” warmers for prospective customers. This Shooting Star kit greatly enhances a Consultant’s new Scentsy business, and is definitely worth aiming for.

How to Earn Scentsy Shooting Star Award

As I mentioned before, the way to earn the Scentsy Shooting Star Award is to join and sell 500 PRV in your first 15 days of signing up to sell Scentsy.  This emphasizes the importance of planning a Scentsy Launch Party quickly, making goals, and spreading the word about your new Scentsy business!

If you know you are going to join Scentsy, you can make plans for how you are going to launch your new Scentsy business before you are even officially a Scentsy Consultant.  Make a list of all of the different ideas you have for growing your new business, and all of the people you can think of who might be interested in joining your Scentsy team, hosting a party for you, or even just buying Scentsy from you.  Contact them and have a calendar of parties and events booked before you even join, so the minute you sign up to sell Scentsy, you’re all planned out exactly how you will get that 500 PRV and earn the Scentsy Shooting Star Award.

How to Get Started Selling Scentsy

I have also written a few Scentsy blog posts about how to get started selling Scentsy with some great tips for success as a Scentsy Consultant.

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Sell Scentsy

Good luck earning your Scentsy Shooting Star Award!  It is definitely worth working for, and will help you get a great start to your new Scentsy business!  As always, if you have any questions or need help, join my team and I will be your personal mentor to help you have success.

~ Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director
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