Scentsy World Tour 2016 Scentsy World Tour Logo 2015

Join a Scentsy World Tour event for consultant training and recognition.  The Scentsy Spring Training in the US used to be Scentsy Spring Sprint, but Scentsy has decided to change the various names of Scentsy spring training events to all be uniform across all Scentsy regions.  So, we now have one big Scentsy World Tour!

Scentsy corporate home office is traveling the globe on a Scentsy safari to showcase the latest Spring/Summer 2016 products and provide training to help you set your Scentsy business on a course for success. Each Scentsy World Tour event includes on-site training, recognition and tools you can start using immediately to climb new heights with your Scentsy business.

You’ll also receive a Scentsy World Tour Product and Sample Kit that includes new products and business materials, a set of mini transition testers and Spring/Summer 2016 samples in fragrances across product categories. Plus, all Product and Sample Kits include a limited-edition commemorative item available ONLY at Scentsy World Tour! Get ready to pack plenty of adventure into the new selling season!

Registration costs $75 (USD)/$100 (CAD) per Consultant, and each Consultant can bring one guest for just $15 (USD)/$20 (CAD). All guests receive a free gift!

Scentsy Consultants who attend will also have the opportunity to purchase a Scentsy Family Store Tools-to-Go kit for just $20 (USD)/$24 (CAD) that includes new business materials and an exclusive discount to use on ALL Scentsy Family Store products!*

So where are we going on our Scentsy World Tour 2016? Check it out!

Canada and the United States:

Route 1:
o Tacoma, Washington – Feb. 3
o Boise, Idaho – Feb. 6
o Salt Lake City, Utah – Feb. 8
o Phoenix, Arizona – Feb. 11
o Riverside, California – Feb. 13
o San Jose, California – Feb. 15

Route 2:
o Denver, Colorado – Feb. 3
o Santa Fe, New Mexico – Feb. 5
o Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Feb. 9
o Little Rock, Arkansas – Feb. 11
o Dallas, Texas – Feb. 13
o Lost Pines, Texas – Feb. 15

Route 3:
o Minneapolis, Minnesota – Jan. 30
o St. Charles, Illinois – Feb. 1
o Indianapolis, Indiana – Feb. 4
o Detroit, Michigan – Feb. 6
o Cincinnati, Ohio – Feb. 8
o Kansas City, Missouri – Feb. 10

Route 4:
o Nashua, New Hampshire – Jan. 30
o Brooklyn, New York – Feb. 1
o Washington, D.C. – Feb. 4
o Raleigh, North Carolina – Feb. 6
o Atlanta, Georgia – Feb. 8
o Orlando, Florida – Feb. 10

Route 5:
o Halifax, Nova Scotia – Feb. 1
o Ottawa, Ontario – Feb. 4
o Toronto, Ontario – Feb. 6
o Winnipeg, Manitoba – Feb. 8
o Surrey, British Columbia – Feb. 11
o Edmonton, Alberta – Feb. 13

Scentsy Mexico:
San Juan, Puerto Rico – Feb. 29
Mexico City, Mexico – March 2
Chihuahua, Mexico – March 4
Monterrey, Mexico – March 7

Scentsy Europe*:
Nuremberg, Germany – Feb. 1
Frankfurt, Germany – Feb. 2
Cologne, Germany – Feb. 3
Vienna, Austria – Feb. 9
Belfast, Ireland – Feb. 19
Glasgow, Scotland – Feb. 20
London, England – Feb. 22
Toulouse, France – Feb. 24
Madrid, Spain – Feb. 25

Scentsy Australia and New Zealand:
Perth, Western Australia – Feb. 1
Brisbane, Queensland – Feb. 4
Sydney, New South Wales – Feb. 6
Melbourne, Victoria – Feb. 8
Hobart, Tasmania – Feb. 10
Auckland, New Zealand – Feb. 12

Registration will open Nov. 10 on the Events tab.
*Scentsy Family Store Tools-to-Go kit not available in Europe.