Is it time to buy more Scentsy scent paks?  Check out the top selling paks from June.

Newborn Nursery Scent Pak

On sale for $6.30

Newborn Nursery Scent Pak – bring back the memories of your newborn







Clean Breeze Scent Pak – The spring and fresh clean laundry

Clean Breeze Scent Pak

Fresh Scent








Sweet Pea and Vanilla Scent Pak – raspberries, vanilla, and sweet pea petals…a great combination

Sweet Pea Scent Pak

A great combination of smells








Luna Scent Pak – jasmine, sweet pea, freesia-juice berries

Luna Scent Pak

On sale for $6.30









French Lavender Scent Pak – smell of wild lavender from France

French Lavender Scent Pak

Smell of Herbal Lavender