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19 01, 2012

New Scentsy Brand and Products

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Scentsy Expanding into New Brand Lines Have you heard the exciting news?!?  Scentsy Wickless Candles is expanding their brands to include completely new brands and new product lines soon.  The Scentsy brand itself started just seven short years ago and has since grown into a multi-million dollar company with over 235,000 consultants worldwide.  Scentsy is [...]

23 06, 2011

Is Scentsy A Scam?

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As a Scentsy Consultant I get asked from time to time whether Scentsy is a scam or not.  It's natural for some people to be skeptical and to question every opportunity.  It's smart to do your research.  But, no Scentsy is definitely not a scam. Scentsy is Direct Sales First a little history.  [...]

25 02, 2011

Scentsy Europe Expansion

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Scentsy Europe is open for business! Sell Scentsy in Europe Europe is loving Scentsy!  I am sooo excited about the international expansion of Scentsy Wickless Candles!!  What a great time to be a Scensty Consultant. Scentsy International includes only Scentsy UK, Scentsy Germany, Scentsy Ireland, and soon Scentsy France, Scentsy Spain, and Scentsy Poland in [...]

7 02, 2011

Sell Scentsy Candles and Warmers

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Should I Sell Scentsy? I've recruited hundreds of people to join my Scentsy team and in every case, as they are considering becoming a Scentsy Consultant, they want to know what my favorite benefits are of being a Scentsy Consultant. Over the years that I've been a Scentsy Consultant, I think my favorite benefit has [...]