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17 08, 2015

Scentsy VIP Customer Program

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Scentsy VIP program Scentsy’s new VIP program is a monthly subscription-based service designed to make it easy for passionate Scentsy fans to never run out of your favorite products. The new VIP program, which officially launches Sept. 10, 2015, allows Scentsy customers to place recurring orders without having to attend a party or call a Consultant. So [...]

11 02, 2015

Start a Scentsy Business in New Zealand

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How to Launch a Scentsy Business in New Zealand One of the biggest keys and tips to launching a successful Scentsy business in a new country, like New Zealand, is to build your Scentsy New Zealand team early!  You can definitely do many things that will give you a head start while you are waiting for the [...]

13 01, 2015

New Years Resolutions for Direct Sales Businesses

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New Years Goal Setting I have found that it is so important to have yearly goals for your Scentsy or Direct Sales business, or you will not accomplish nearly as much, and won't know when you have achieved what you want to anyway.  Without plans, the same status quo continues, and you will continue to get [...]

18 08, 2014

Ascent Academy

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Scentsy Training Program Ascent Academy New Scentsy Ascent Academy just launched August 2014. I am so excited for this great personal Scentsy business improvement and leadership development tool.  Ascent Academy will help us all as Scentsy Consultants to grow and help our teams to progress in building their business too. New Scentsy Leadership Development Program [...]

5 06, 2014

Recruit Scentsy in Australia

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How to Build a Scentsy Team in Australia Scentsy is growing all over the world, but there is especially huge growth in Australia and Europe (UK, Ireland specifically) right now.  It is good to grow your Scentsy team locally, since you have so many contacts right where you are, and others can see your success [...]

19 04, 2014

Scentsy Incentive Trips

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Scentsy All-inclusive Free Trips Have you ever dreamed of lavish vacations at the best resorts, in exotic exciting places?  Does your dream include going to those places for free?  I never thought I would earn free Scentsy trips, and that certainly was not my intent when I decided to start a Scentsy Business, but here [...]