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25 01, 2017

Could I Be An Awesome Scentsy Consultant?

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Joining Scentsy as a Independent Consultant is one of the best choices I have ever made. My husband and I have started multiple business but none have as been rewarding as our Scentsy business. I became a Scentsy Consultant in 2008 and have sponsored hundreds of Consultants helping them grow their business and achieve their [...]

2 11, 2016

Scentsy Bricks

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Scentsy HOLIDAY Bricks! *WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, DECEMBER 2019 Few products get quite the same response as Scentsy Bricks. A Scentsy brick, compared to the regular size Scentsy bar, is FIVE times bigger with 12 bulky break-apart cubes of goodness designed to be used with any Scentsy Warmer and envelop your space with your chosen fragrance. Each cube [...]

2 05, 2016
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Indigo Collection Scentsy

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Scentsy Indigo Collection Scentsy has created something fun and all new... based on the color and intrigue of indigo!  Six exclusive hand-crafted fragrances that inspire the thoughts, feelings, and moods of Indigo. #ExploreIndigo Each Indigo set includes six exclusive "boutique" crafted Scentsy Bars in a stunning gift box with a scented "Be Inspired" notecard for just [...]

9 06, 2015
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Top Selling Scentsy Products

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Top Selling Products From the New Spring 2017 Scentsy Catalog We're not even 10 days into March but already some of the new products are showing they are a very welcome addition to the Scentsy product lineup! Here are the top selling warmers and scents. To buy online any of these awesome new Scentsy Warmers [...]

1 08, 2013

Scentsy Discontinued Products

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Discontinued Scentsy Products 2015 The following Scentsy products will be discontinued and will not be continuing into September for the Fall/Winter 2015 Scentsy catalog, so stock up while you can.  All scents available through August 2015 while supplies last. Extra bonus is that everything is on sale for 10% off during August as well!  Buy [...]

1 08, 2013

Scentsy Warmer of the Month August 2013

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“Birdhouse” Scentsy Warmer of the Month for August Buy Scentsy Warmer of the Month: Birdhouse Birdhouse is fanciful and fun. A vermillion colored tile roof with green climbing vines and a darling bluebird peeping out the front.  A warmer dish is cleverly hidden inside Birdhouse’s rooftop lid. A safe candle: 25-watt lightbulb melts the Scentsy wax cubes in the [...]

31 07, 2013

Scentsy Bars

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Buy Scentsy Bars Online There are over 80 different Scentsy Bars to choose from and new choices are introduced all of the time.  These unique bars fit inside your candle warmers and you can mix and match them to your needs.  You do not have to use the entire bar for one warmer or at [...]

17 06, 2013

Scentsy Custom Warmers

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UPDATE: Scentsy no longer offers the customizable warmers featured below. To browse all current Scentsy products check out our Shop Scentsy page. Scentsy has introduced amazing new products that are innovative and trendy. You're sure to find a favorite new Scentsy Warmer or Scentsy scent in our new Scentsy Products! And for you bargain hunters, [...]