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5 01, 2012

Scentsy ScenTrend Pink Pepper

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ScenTrend 2012:  Pink Pepper What is Scentsy's new ScenTrend? We know Scentsy lovers are passionate about fragrance, so Scentsy developed ScenTrend to help our customers stay on top of the latest trends and have unlimited mixing potential. Scentsy tested, analyzed, and worked with their experts and international fragrance houses to identify the up-and-coming fragrance note [...]

7 11, 2011

Top Scentsy Scent Paks

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If you are looking for an on-the-go Scentsy product that can bring a great smelling fragrance to a purse, a gym bag, car, closet, drawer or some other item, then you need a Scentsy Scent pak.  Since there introduction, these Scent Paks have proven to be a popular addition to the Scentsy portfolio of products. [...]

2 08, 2011

Scentsy Fragrances

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Scentsy offers many different Scentsy fragrances to choose from. The scents are grouped into 7 Collections:  Favorites, Fall & Winter, Corner Cafe, Scentsy Man, Romance, Spa, and Seven Seas.  If you know what types of scents you enjoy, the fragrance collections can help you choose.  Here are some of the collections and a few of [...]