Scentsy Go! New Battery Powered Scentsy Product!

New Scentsy Go

Today at Scentsy's Annual Convention in Kansas City, Scentsy introduced it's new portable, and first-ever battery-powered Scentsy Go product!  Want a Sneak Peek of Scentsy Go?

This new Scentsy Go product is available in Rose Gold and Silver that are 5.5 inches tall. With the new Scentsy Go product you can customize the strength of the fragrance and adjust the color and light! To vary the strength of the Scentsy fragrance in your new Scentsy Go product, you can turn on your Scentsy Go by pressing the top button on the side until you see the indicator light glow white. Press the same button again and the indicator light will glow green and your Scentsy Go will then turn on and off automatically for a more subtle scent experience and increase battery life.

You also have the ability to choose the color and lights of your Scentsy Go! product. You can enjoy the full 7 color LED light display or press the lower button on the side to pause on the color of your choice. Scentsy Go! uses new Scent pods for an instant, portable Scentsy fragrance experience that can be recharged with a USB cord. 

How does the new Scentsy Go! emit fragrance?

Scentsy Go uses Scentsy Pods which are small pods filled with scented beads. Air flows through the scent pods into the air immediately fragrancing your space. You can fit two Scentsy Scent pods in your Scentsy so you can use just one for a more understated fragrance or two for a stronger scent experience. If you're feeling wild and crazy, you can even mix and match and put in two different Scentsy fragrances and come up with your own creative Scentsy scent as the two scent pods are fanned into the air! At launch, there will be 15 Scentsy scent pods available for the new Scentsy Go product. The new 15 Scents pods available are;

Baked Apple Pie

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Blueberry Cheesecake

Christmas Cottage

Clean Breeze

Coconut Lemongrass

Eskimo Kiss

Honeymoon Hideaway

Jammy Time


Pink Haze

Pumpkin Roll

Vanilla Bean Buttercream

Weathered Leather

Welcome Home 

The new Scentsy Go products are available in trendy Rose Gold or Silver and sell for only $50 and Scentsy Pods are available in a 2 pack for $10. To get on my preorder list for this new innovative Scentsy Go product simply follow this link to contact a Scentsy Consultant and provide all the requested information and I'll add you to the list!

Below are some images of the packaging and the actual Scentsy Go product that I received at Scentsy Family Reunion 2017.