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January 27, 2013

Discounts on Scentsy Warmers

 Scentsy Warmer Deals

Are you looking for a way to get your favorite Scentsy warmers at a cheaper price?

Do you know about the Combine and Save options?

These package deals allow you to combine certain Scentsy products and buy them all at a lower price. These discounts can be found online in the Scentsy store.

For instance, you could save $15 with the "Perfect Full-Size Scentsy" package: You get 6 Scentsy bars of your choice plus 2 full size scentsy warmers.

Discounted Scentsy Products






"the Perfect Plug-ins"

You get 6 Scentsy bars of your choice plus 2 Plug-in Scentsy Warmers and save $10.00

Plug in Scentsy Warmer Discount

There are all sorts of combinations that can save you money when you buy your favorite Scentsy products.

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