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Scentsy Candles scent your home with a candle, but no fire hazard or mess.  Unique Scentsy candles use a lightbulb to warm the candle wax cubes, but are a SAFE candle.  Scentsy Candle wax bars last up to 80 hours and don’t release harmful chemicals or soot found in regular candles, since Scentsy candles are wickless and flameless.  Scentsy Warmers beautifully complement your home decor style.  Scentsy is a Party Plan company, so I’d love to help you host a Scentsy party, or buy Scentsy online here on my website and have it shipped right to your door!  Contact me with questions, to schedule a Scentsy Party, or if you need help buying Scentsy products.


Start Your Own Scentsy Business Join Scentsy Startup Kit

Now is the perfect time to start your own business and sell Scentsy as an Independent Scentsy Consultant.  Sign up today for only $99, which includes your Scentsy Starter Kit.  The company is strong and is expanding internationally, so it’s still growing and the Consultant opportunity is prime.  Everyone loves Scentsy products, so it really does sell itself, and the company is great to work with.  I have been a Scentsy Consultant for almost 9 years now and love it.  I love everything about the company as well as the Scentsy products.  It’s like Christmas every time UPS leaves a Scentsy party box on my door.  My kids can’t wait to help me label and deliver all of the yummy smelling Scentsy products.  I like that I don’t have to worry about my kids burning themselves on a flame or candle wax that gets too hot, or the soot getting in our lungs and on my walls.  I don’t worry about burning down my house by forgetting to blow out my candle, either.  No flame, no soot, no smoke.  A Scentsy warmer can be left on 24 hours and the wax only get as hot as a paraffin dip.  I love the hours and hours of scent from one Scentsy bar that makes my whole home smell good.  Come start your Scentsy business today!


Sell Scentsy Candles From Home

I decided to join and sell Scentsy as a work at home job and thought I’d try it out for the first month.  It was my goal to make back my $99 Scentsy Starter Kit investment in the first month, so I wouldn’t be tied down to trying to make it back if it just wasn’t going to work for me.  In my first month as a Scentsy Consultant, I made enough to pay back the $99 Starter Kit cost, and even made a little more; it was so easy!  I love being a Consultant and that I can still devote myself fully to being a great mom, and have a fun business (and make great money from home!).  You can read more about My Scentsy Story here.

I have achieved the rank as a Scentsy Consultant of Scentsy Star Director, with only one more level to the top.  Scentsy really is a unique opportunity to sell candles from home, and is growing quickly.  I really enjoy supporting my team and I’d love to help YOU be a successful Scentsy Consultant too.  I will be the best Scentsy sponsor and I have the best Scentsy team to help you make Scentsy what you want.  Between all of the resources Scentsy Corporate provides, and having me along to personally train and mentor you as your Sponsor, you’re bound to be successful, whether you’re looking for a fun hobby, extra spending money for a vacation, or to completely support your family.  Come join and sell Scentsy with me!

Sell Scentsy Candles


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shop Scentsy College WarmersScentsy is about simplicity, so the products are all about a simple way to scent your space.  The core products are the ceramic lightbulb warmers and scented Scentsy wax, but there are many options to buy your favorite  scents.  In addition to Full-size warmers, you can buy Scentsy Nightlight mini Warmers, perfect for the amount of space you have available and how strong you want the scent.  There are over 80 scents available to buy in Scentsy wax bars, and all fragrances are available to buy as a Scentsy Room Spray andScent Circle (great for a car air freshener).  Also available to buy in select Scentsy scents are Scent Paks (use alone or in a Scentsy Buddy), Travel Tins (a tin with a sliding top perfect for a locker), as well our amazing groom and skin body products. See the full line of scents and Scentsy products and buy Scentsy online easily.  The perfect way to send a gift… let Scentsy handle it for you!

Host a Scentsy Party

Hosting a Scentsy Party is a great way to earn free Scentsy and share a great thing with your friends.  A Scentsy party is so simple, there’s not a lot of set-up or demonstration involved; all it takes is to plug in a warmer, pop in a few candle wax cubes from a Scentsy bar, and let your guests smell the scent testers.  It couldn’t be easier!  host Scentsy PartyYou’ll be amazed at how easy and fun it is tohost a Scentsy party, and how smelling the scents gets your friends talking and reminiscing about a memory evoked by a certain scent, or sharing their opinions and preferences with their noses in the tester jars.  It’s fun and relaxing for you, as well as your guests.  Schedule your Scentsy party today and I will work with you to ensure a fun, successful Scentsy party and provide everything you’ll need – you just bring the friends!

Another option to a Home Party is a Scentsy Basket Party (catalog party), where I send you my set of tiny testers with each of the scents, along with catalogs and order forms, and you take the “party in a purse” along with you everywhere you go for a week, taking orders.  Your friends get the benefit of free shipping and buying the latest Scentsy products, without having to commit the time to attending a home party, and you don’t have to even clean your house.  I can ship my “Scentsy Party in a box” anywhere you are, so schedule a Scentsy party today and we’ll get your Scentsy Basket Party going!

Best Company to Join

Scentsy was named the Fastest Growing Consumer Products Company 2010 on the Inc. 500 list.  Scentsy is a member of the Direct Sales Association (DSA) and has strengthened peoples’ confidence in the direct sales industry, appearing on the 2010 Direct Selling News Global 100 list of Top Direct Selling Companies, and receiving both the DSA’s 2010 Success Award and the DSA’s 2009 Rising Star Award.  Scentsy is growing rapidly and attracting the attention of local and national press.  An article released August 24, 2010 in INC magazine, rated Scentsy as Number 1 in the nation for Consumer Products and Services.

Scentsy was Orville and Heidi Thompson’s last-ditch effort to avoid bankruptcy.  In its ten short years, Scentsy has since become the fastest growing consumer goods company, with incredible growth in both sales as well as recruiting.  It is a reputable company with a solid future. Anyone lucky enough to stumble upon Scentsy counts themselves lucky; I know I do!  Scentsy really is the best candle selling company to join.

Join Scentsy in Your Area

Join Scentsy and start the amazing adventure of your life!  Scentsy is growing rapidly all over the US, Guam, Puerto Rico, Scentsy Canada, Scentsy Europe, with include Scentsy in Germany, Austria, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom, Scentsy Ireland.  Scentsy also includes Scentsy Mexico and Scentsy Australia and New Zealand.  Scentsy is quickly becoming a global company, even though it’s only 10 years old.  Are you anxiously awaiting for Scentsy to come to your country?  Chances are Scentsy is already in your area or will soon be.  Join Scentsy today and become a Consultant in the fastest growing Direct Sales Company, growing all over the world!

What a great time to sign up to sell Scentsy and be a part of the adventure!  I live in Meridian, Idaho and would love to be your local Idaho consultant, but I also have team members all over the world so you’ll be welcomed right in to “The Best Team Ever”!  Whether you are in Idaho, Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, or Ohio, there is plenty of room for you to buy Scentsy or  join my team and become a Scentsy Consultant.  Come join me today and embark on the crazy Scentsy adventure of your life.

Please contact me today to join and sell Scentsy and start a Scentsy business today!

~Becky Sattler, Independent Scentsy Star Director

Meridian, Idaho


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