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Where Can I Buy Scentsy?

A. Scentsy is a Direct Sales Party Plan company, so you can buy Scentsy products at a fun Scentsy party, you can Buy Scentsy Online, or give me a call and I can place an order for you. You can not buy Scentsy in a store, only through a Consultant.  Shipping cost is minimal, and comes right to your door via UPS. Scentsy products also make amazing fundraisers for your organizations. Contact me to learn more about the ease of doing a Scentsy fundraiser for your organization.  I'll be your personal Scentsy consultant!

How long does a Scentsy Candle bar last?

A. Scentsy Candle bars are made from specially formulated wax that packs the bar with fragrance and optimizes the scent for use in a Scentsy warmer. Typically, each Scentsy bar will last a minimum of 50 - 80 hours. You'll be pleasantly surprised how one wax bar can scent your whole home.  How long the Scentsy scent lasts depends on the strength of the fragrance and how strong you like your scents. Temperature, humidity, and your own personal senses will alter the time the Scentsy scents last.

Does the wax get really hot?

A. While it's warming, the temperature of Scentsy wax never gets very hot, you can easily put your finger in and not get burned. It seems about the same temperature as a paraffin wax dip. It's the perfect temperature to melt completely and never burn anyone, but warmed to just the right temperature to spread the yummy Scentsy scent throughout your whole house!  That's how a Scentsy warmer is a unique, SAFE candle - no fire hazard or danger of burns for kids or pets.

Can I Sell Scentsy Products?

A. Yes! Scentsy is an amazing company and a lot of fun! Scentsy is one of the fastest growing Home Based Candle Businesses, and is the fastest-growing consumer product company in the US, according to Inc 500 magazine. Scentsy offers a great compensation plan as well! Also, if you join my award winning team, you are joining one of the fastest growing, best supported teams in Scentsy.  I am dedicated to your success and are always available to help you anytime.  We have a team of Scentsy Consultants all over the US, so you won't be alone.  Join Scentsy with me and see how easy it is to sell and how much fun it really is!

Does Scentsy ship internationally?

A. Yes and no.  Scentsy currently ships in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, Mexico, and to select APO addresses overseas, but Scentsy is always expanding into new areas.  Contact me for a list of current APO/FPO addresses available for shipping if you're interested in shipping to someone in the Armed Forces, since Scentsy does ship APO (including Scentsy in Japan, Scentsy in Germany, Scentsy in Korea, etc.).  Scentsy International includes Germany, the UK, and Ireland, Spain, France, Austria, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.  Join my team and get in while Scentsy Europe is just opening and start the opportunity of a lifetime as a founding Scentsy Consultant Internationally!

Is Scentsy in Europe?

A. YES!  Scentsy Europe now open in Europe, starting with Scentsy Germany, Scentsy UKScentsy Ireland, Scentsy France, Scentsy Spain, and Scentsy Austria.  If you live in one of these areas, or know someone who lives in Germany, the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, or Austria and loves candles or might be interested in being a Scentsy Consultants in Europe, please have them contact me.  I'll be more than happy to answer any questions and provide training and ongoing support as their Scentsy Sponsor.  What an exciting opportunity!  Contact me today so you can join in this unique opportunity.

Is Scentsy in Other Countries?

A.  YES!  Scentsy is also in Mexico and Australia and New Zealand.  Those in the United States and Canada can sell and sponsor in Mexico, while they can only recruit and sponsor in Australia and New Zealand.

Is Scentsy a Scam?

A. No.  Scentsy is a direct sales company that offers wickless candles and other products.  The company is a member of the Direct Sales Association (DSA) and has received several awards from that association.   Scentsy is not a pyramid scheme or a MLM company as some have assumed.   The compensation plan from Scentsy is based on selling products and receiving commissions.  For more info see "Is Scentsy a Scam".

~Becky Sattler, Independent Scentsy Star Director
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