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Scentsy Australia

Scentsy is open in Australia as of September, 2013.  It started so well and is growing much faster than anyone's expectations.  Scentsy in Australia is setting all new records for Scentsy growth and sales.  In fact, there are almost 40 Scentsy Australia Directors already and Scentsy Australia had its first $3 million day recently.  I have many team members in the Australia states of Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, Western Australia, Victoria, and South Australia, including cities near Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Tasmania.  Scentsy Australia is open all over the country, so wherever you are in Australia, you can sign up to sell Scentsy in Australia today!

Sell Scentsy in Australia

Best Mentor for Scentsy in Australia

Scentsy Australia is picking up great momentum, and now is a great time to join while it's growing and spreading so quickly.  You will join my team in Australia, and will have an immediate team for networking and idea sharing.  I will be your Scentsy Australia sponsor and personal mentor to help you get your Scentsy business up and running, and give you the training and support you need to help you be successful.  I have been a Scentsy Consultant for over 6 years and have lots of experience helping my team members grow their businesses successfully.  In fact, five of my Scentsy Australia team members even earned the first ever Scentsy Australia Incentive Trip to Los Angeles, California and to our annual Convention in St. Louis, Missouri.  I can show you how to be a successful Scentsy Australia consultant too.

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New Scentsy Starter Kit

Starter Kit Cost: $139 (AUD)

Join Scentsy in Australia and be one of the FIRST Scentsy Consultants on the ground level of Scentsy Australia!  I’ll be your sponsor and help you have success.

Products Ship From: Distribution center within Australia

Scentsy Australia FAQ

I will personally help answer all of your questions and mentor you, and you will receive a New Consultant Guide in your Scentsy Startup Kit, but here is a helpful Scentsy Australia FAQ page to help answer some basic questions to get you started with your new Scentsy business in Australia.

How to Sell Scentsy in Australia

There are many ways to sell Scentsy in Australia, and I will help you create a plan specific to your contacts and interests.  A great way to start out is to make a list of 100 people you can think of who might want to buy Scentsy, host a party, or join your team.

Plan your own Scentsy Launch Party to get your new Scentsy Australia business off to a quick start, and invite as many people as you can think of - those on your list, your neighbours, friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.  You will receive your own personalized website (PWS) from Scentsy when you sign up as well so you can put your party online and invite those who are in Australia, but aren't local to you.  Every Scentsy party should focus on three things:

  1. Make sure you focus on selling Scentsy to your guests, but also try to
  2. Get at least 3 party bookings off of that party so you have a business growing already and a way to expand your contacts.  You won't have to keep asking the same friends and family to order.
  3. Try to build your team through recruiting and sponsoring as many new team members of your own as soon as possible.  This will help you start off quickly, earn the Shooting Star Award and the Scentsational Start Award, as well as start to get Scentsy promotions and climb up the ranks.  That's the Scentsy secret to success in a nutshell.  It is easiest to do these three things at a home party, but you can also try many different avenues to sell Scentsy in Australia.

A few ideas to grow your Scentsy Australia business are:

  • market stalls or fetes
  • fundraisers
  • online parties
  • corporate gifting
  • basket party (catalogue party with samples)
  • neighbourhood open house

I made a short video on my Scentsy YouYube channel of "10 Ideas of ways to Sell Scentsy" with a few more ideas:

~Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director


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