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September 21, 2023

Top Five Things You Want to Know about Selling Scentsy

Should I Sell Scentsy?  Top 5 Things You Want to Know about Selling Scentsyselling scentsy

People often want to know all about selling Scentsy as an independent consultant before they join, so let's talk about the top 5 things you might want to know. Scentsy is a leading brand of wickless candles and fragrance products, sold by independent consultants all over the world. 

Potential consultants often want to know about the business model.  This includes questions like how they can earn money, the commission structure, and the costs associated with joining and maintaining their Scentsy business. They might also inquire about the support provided by the company to help them succeed.

While the specific questions can vary, here are five frequently asked questions that potential Scentsy consultants have:

1. How Does Selling Scentsy and the Business Model Work?

Scentsy is a Direct Sales business model. Consultants sign up to sell the products, and lead a team of other consultants if they choose.  Consultants earn commissions on every product they sell, whether those products are sold to customers or for their own personal use.   Leaders who grow and lead a team can also earn Leadership Bonuses in addition to personal sales commissions. 

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2. What Products Would I Be Selling?

 People interested in selling Scentsy might want to know more about the products they would be selling, such as wax melts, warmers, diffusers, essential oils, and other fragrance-related items. They may also ask about the quality of the products and how to sell them effectively.

At Scentsy, we have all sorts of fragrance products to scent your space.  That includes home fragrance, laundry, cleaning, bath and body products, kids scented stuffies, and even fragrance products for your vehicle.  We have a partnership with Disney and other licensing agencies like NFL, to bring exclusive co-branded products as well. 

Scentsy quality is second to none.  Some potential consultants worry about seeing similar products in competitor stores, but I have never had a customer leave and not come back for our superior quality. Scentsy's warranties are incredible as well, which customers really appreciate. 

3. What Are Startup Costs and Requirements to Selling Scentsy?

This is a common question among potential consultants. They want to understand the initial investment required to join Scentsy, including the cost of the Scentsy starter kits, marketing materials, and any ongoing fees. They might also ask about any specific qualifications or commitments needed to get started.

In the US, it's $99 to join plus shipping and local sales tax.  That fee includes access to the workstation, your own personalized website for 3 months, and a starter kit full of everything you need to get started.  There are no other fees to keep your account open, only $15 per month for your website if you choose to keep that. 

When I started selling Scentsy, I wanted to make enough money to cover my startup costs in the first month.  That way I wouldn't have a big commitment, and could quit if I didn't like it.  I am still here as a consultant, 15 years later, so I would say it worked out.  

4. Can I Sell Scentsy Part-Time?

Many individuals considering Scentsy are interested in a part-time venture alongside their existing job or commitments. They may inquire about the flexibility of the business, the time commitment required to achieve success, and whether it's possible to balance Scentsy with other responsibilities.

The answer to this one is easy:  yes!  One of my favorite things about Scentsy is how I can create my own schedule to work whenever and wherever it works for me.  When my kids were little, I worked during naptime and after I put them to bed.  You can definitely work Scentsy part time. 

5. What Training and Support Does Scentsy Provide?

Potential consultants often want to know about the training resources available to help them learn about the products, sales techniques, and business strategies. They might ask about mentorship, online resources, workshops, and events that can assist them in building and growing their Scentsy business.

Remember that these questions may vary based on your background, experience, and specific interests. If you're considering becoming a Scentsy consultant, please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.  I am always here to support and help you through this whole journey.

So, should I Sell Scentsy? 

Hopefully these Top 5 Things You Want to Know about Selling Scentsy provide some answers to help you know if it's time for you to jump in!  I would love to work with you and help you get off to a good start.  If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out.  If you're ready to jump in and sell Scentsy, now's a great time! 

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