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Scentsy FundraisersScentsy Fundraising

A Scentsy fundraiser is super easy to do and is a fun, quick way to support your organization while helping your friends and family experience Scentsy products.

Many groups are tired of selling popcorn and wrapping paper, or are frustrated with labor-intensive fundraising efforts. Often, prices are inflated with other companies, to compensate for the donated funds.

A fundraiser is very convenient and easy for the organizer, and the products are things customers love to buy.  When customers buy through a Scentsy fundraiser, they pay the same price for Scentsy products as they would at a normal Scentsy Party.

Groups are perfect for hosting a Scentsy Fundraiser

  • Sports Teams (Baseball, Football, Lacross, etc.....)
  • Competitive Dance/Drill Teams
  • Pre-Schools/Day Cares
  • Schools (Public/Private)
  • Marching Bands/Choirs
  • Booster Clubs/Pep Clubs
  • Pet Shelters/Rescues
  • Churches/Youth Groups
  • 4-H clubs/FFA/FHA
  • Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
  • Cheerleading Squads/Gymnastic Teams
  • Non-Profit Groups - Organizations
  • Any other clubs or community groups looking to raise money throughout the year!

Browse our entire collection of Scentsy warmers and products and see there truly is something for everyone. Scentsy fundraisers are a perfect way to earn extra money for any organization.  Any organization that you can think of that could use a little extra money is the perfect candidate.   For example, I have done Scentsy fundraisers with various clubs, whole schools, community groups and organizations.  You get to work with me as your personal contact to help with any questions.  After the fundraiser, I will write a check to your organization totaling 20-25% of all sales.  It couldn't be easier!

Online Scentsy Fundraiser

An online fundraiser is the easiest method to manage. This is where I set up a "party" on my Scentsy website for your group's participants, and participants send friends and family to purchase directly from my website. 

There is no money to collect, and no orders to deliver. 

All customers pay a minimal shipping fee, but the benefit is that the Scentsy products are shipped right to their door via UPS.  This has been a very popular option due to the pandemic for the last few years.

Traditional Door to Door Fundraiser

This type is the most popular form of fundraisers.  Each fundraiser participant is given a packet (provided by me) with a catalog and order forms.  They then collect customer orders from friends, family, and neighbors.  Each participant is responsible for all order forms and money collection, and the customers all receive free group shipping. 

After a few weeks of selling, I collect the orders from the participants and place the orders through my secure back office.  When the group of orders come in, I sort and label the Scentsy products for participants to deliver. 

We can also list the fundraiser on my Scentsy website for participants to share with friends and family from far away.  They can also order and have it count toward the fundraiser no matter where they live.

Booth or Table Display Fundraiser

With a booth-type Scentsy fundraiser, you can set up a table display and take orders.  You also could even pre-purchase a bit of product on hand to sell directly to customers at a gathering for your organization.  Having an open house for your school, group or team?  Set up a Scentsy Fundraiser table and boost your earnings! 

The table displays can be used in conjunction with both the Online Scentsy Fundraiser as well as the Traditional Scentsy Fundraiser options.  You can also host a traditional Scentsy home party and I'll donate the proceeds from that party to the fundraiser too.

Personal Consultant Contact

Contact me with any questions so we can set up your Scentsy Fundraiser today!  I look forward to helping your organization raise money, and providing a smooth, stress-free Scentsy fundraiser for your group.

~Becky Sattler, Independent Scentsy SuperStar Director
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