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January 5, 2011

Scentsy Georgia Tech Warmer

 Scentsy Campus Collection warmers 


*update:  these specific warmers might not be available any more, as the campus collection warmers rotate.  Please see the current NCAA College Warmers for availability. 

Scentsy WarmerScentsy WarmerAre you a Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets or University of Arizona Wildcats fan?  You're in luck... I have the perfect Scentsy candle warmer for you!  Decoratively stylish, yet manly enough for the toughest of fans.  Great Valentines Day gift for the sports fan in your life. 

Pair it with a Scentsy fragrance bar from the Scentsy Man category and make his "Man Cave" a little more inviting. 

Lots of other NCAA Universities available too - check out the whole Scentsy College Warmers collection.

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