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June 3, 2020

I want to Join Scentsy

Join Scentsy and Start a Scentsy Business

Have you ever thought that you would like to join Scentsy?  There are many questions and doubts with starting a Scentsy business, but that doesn't need to stop you.  Let me show you a few of the reasons I am glad I said, "yes, I want to join Scentsy!"  I'm sure you will be glad you did, just like me.

Start Your Own Scentsy Business

A Few of My Favorite Scentsy Perks 

There are so many reasons I am happy I joined Scentsy, and many of them I didn't even expect.  The main reason I joined so many years ago was to pay off grad school student loans, and also to pay for extras like Christmas.  I did not know I would find so many other benefits too. Let me share a few of the extra reasons I love being a Scentsy consultant.

Best Boss Ever

My Own Boss

I am my own boss, and love that I am in charge of my schedule.  That flexibility means that I can help in my daughter’s school class, attend my sons' sports games, go on dates with my husband, and work around their schedules. One year, we even took a month-long roadtrip across the USA and didn't have to worry about requesting time off from a boss. I am my own boss!

Travel the world

Scentsy Trips

When I decided to join Scentsy, I didn't know I would get to travel as well as make money.  I have traveled to so many places with my Scentsy business.  Whether it's for an incentive trip I earned, or for exclusive Leadership events, or even our annual convention, there are lots of chances to travel and experience new places.


Money Flexibility

What started out as a fun way to help cover expenses became a way to pay for a phone bill, car payment, mortgage to today where it covers all our living expenses. I am so grateful for the choices that come from the extra money from my Scentsy business.

What others are saying

consultant testimonial

"Becky is an amazing Star Director! Excellent leader lots of skills! Always there when needed with new ideas and suggestions! Very extraordinary leader! Trustworthy, honest, dedicated are only a few things that help describe her."

consultant testimonial

"Rebecca is a self motivated and enthusiastic leader. She is consistent in her efforts and is an amazing mentor to those on her team. I consider myself blessed to associate with her on a professional level and am inspired by her drive."

consultant testimonial

"Becky is a great Scentsy Director. I appreciate how she helps keep me informed. She is motivated and helps motivate others. As a leader, she has provided continued training meetings and I appreciate her willingness to help when needed."

Scentsy Awards 

Scentsy has given me the opportunity to have earn amazing, all-expense paid trips to places like Greece, Cancun, the Dominican Republic, NYC, DisneyWorld and more. Some of my favorite trips are to visit my amazing international teammates all over Europe, Australia, Mexico, and the United States, attending their local annual conventions and speaking all over the world. Here are just some of the trips I’ve earned, events I’ve attended or presented at, and awards I’ve earned.

Reach for the Beach 2019
Scentsy Summer Incentive Trip
Can Do Cancun 2014
Scentsy Power Up Your Business 2016
Scentsy Pick Pack Play Incentive
Share Your Song SFR Nashville
Stampede Scentsy Convention Fort Worth
Shine in 09 Scentsy Convention
Light It Up Las Vegas Scentsy SFR
Scentsy Swing For The Fences SFR
Scentsy Backstage Pass SFR
LIVE Scentsy SFR 2015 Las Vegas
Scentsy World Tour Logo 2015
World Tour Belief 2018
Scentsy World Tour 2019
No Limits Scentsy SFR Austin Texas

Join The Best Team Ever

You join a team when you join Scentsy.  I love being a Scentsy consultant and know you will too.  We are excited to welcome you to our incredible Scentsy team, "The Best Team Ever".  Join my team, and you get me as your personal sponsor and mentor.  That means I'll be here to help you get started, and each step of the way.

There are so many reasons why you would want to join Scentsy, and I am excited to help you discover your favorite reasons! 

*Income Disclosure Statement:  because I mentioned income and benefits I have earned from my Scentsy business, I am required to state that my results are not guaranteed or even typical.  However, I have done it, and can help you have success with a lot of hard work too. 

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