Nutcracker Scentsy Warmer and Ornament

Nutcracker Warmer Ornament Scentsy

This amazing numbered, limited-edition Nutcracker Scentsy Warmer is sure to delight all nutcracker collectors, or even just fans everywhere!

Limited Edition Collectible Scentsy Warmer 2014

Available November 2014 while quantities last.  Buy the Nutcracker Scentsy Warmer before it sells out!

The traditional guardian of good luck and goodwill, this limited edition, numbered 2014 Scentsy Nutcracker Warmer is an iconic symbol of Christmas. Sharply dressed in opulent shades of red, black, and gold, a warmer dish is cleverly hidden inside his cap. This spirited sentry is paired with a matching 3-inch Christmas ornament to adorn your tree or holiday decorations for years to come!

Limited Edition Scentsy Warmer 2015Limited Edition Collectible Scentsy Warmer 2015GingerBreadHouse2015

The new exclusive, numbered Scentsy holiday warmer for 2015 is the Gingerbread House Warmer and Gingerbread Man ornament.

Continue your collection with this exquisite hand-painted, numbered Scentsy Gingerbread House warmer for 2015 while supplies last.

~ Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director