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June 5, 2014

Recruit Scentsy in Australia

How to Build a Scentsy Team in Australia

Scentsy is growing all over the world, but there is especially huge growth in Australia and Europe (UK, Ireland specifically) right now.  It is good to grow your Scentsy team locally, since you have so many contacts right where you are, and others can see your success firsthand.  However, it is vital to expand into other areas so you can continue to grow, without restrictions on how big your area is.  Scentsy allows Consultants to sponsor and recruit team members anywhere in the world Scentsy is currently open, which is a huge benefit and key to growing a successful Scentsy business.

Why recruit Scentsy team members internationally?

  1.  Great way to earn a Scentsy incentive trip; earning free Scentsy trips is all about building and growing your Scentsy team.  Expanding into other markets increases your reach, and capacity for growth.
  2. An opportunity to continue growing your Scentsy business; Scentsy has an incredible Compensation Plan that allows us to make money off of our team and downline, but requires us as leaders to continually grow our Scentsy teams to maintain our business.  This helps us continue to be involved with our team, and be leaders in the Scentsy field.  Expanding and recruiting in other or international Scentsy markets helps maintain growth within our teams, or start growth so you can promote and achieve the rank you want.
  3.  Go where the growth is; continue to expand your Scentsy business and build your team in new markets to take advantage of the ground floor type opportunities.  Scentsy has made it so easy for us to build international teams, and have all of the sales and new team members all roll into the same compensation plan.  When you expand into new Scentsy markets, it's even easier to keep your business vibrant and growing.

How to Recruit in Australia or other International Scentsy Markets

It's sometime easier to explain in person, so I made this short video to explain exactly how I have recruited my Scentsy team in Australia and how I continue to grow in international Scentsy markets.  It's short and sweet, so don't worry!  Check out my Scentsy YouTube channel for other training tips.

Scentsy International Markets Open for Recruiting

Scentsy Consultants can only sell in their own market in which they live, but if they sign a cross-border agreement, they can sell in any market open to Scentsy.  So, if you are in any of these markets, I would love you to come join my Scentsy team and I can help you run a successful Scentsy business too!  The Scentsy international markets currently open for sponsoring are:

  • Region 1:  US, Canada, Mexico
  • Region 2:  England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Poland
  • Region 3:  Australia

I recently did a team training on how to Recruit in Australia, Europe, and International Markets; feel free to watch and get ready to grow your own Scentsy team in Australia, Europe, or any other Scentsy International market.  How exciting!

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~Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director

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