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February 8, 2014

Scentsy 10 Year Anniversary Warmer

Scentsy Commemorative Warmer

Scentsy 10th Anniversary Gallery Warmer

Scentsy is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and letting us all join in our celebration! This beautiful Scentsy Commemorative warmer is a custom warmer commemorating our 10th anniversary!  As a special thank-you, Scentsy is also giving a free warmer of Scentsy's choice to everyone who buys one.  The custom warmer plate is magnetic and interchangeable.  This will be a Scentsy warmer you won't want to miss.  The unique Scentsy Custom Warmers have interchangeable design plates, so you can buy additional warmer plates to change up the design of your custom warmer.

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Scentsy Gallery Frame Warmer of the Month

Scentsy 10 Year Anniversary Custom Warmer

Buy the 10 Year Scentsy Anniversary Custom Warmer and get another Scentsy Warmer for free!  Keep the special Commemorative plate, but change it up when you feel like something new.  Choose from many Gallery Warmer magnetic interchangeable plates for a new look.

Scentsy Gallery Warmer Commemorative

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