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April 4, 2011

Scentsy Autism Warmer

Scentsy Charitable Cause WarmerScentsy Autism Speaks Charitable Cause Warmer

*The Autism Speaks Scentsy Warmer is currently discontinued.

I am so excited about Scentsy's new Piece By Piece Charitable Cause Scentsy Warmer in support of the Autism Speaks organization.  Scentsy chooses a new charitable cause to support each catalog season (6 month duration) and is supporting another great cause this season.  For the duration of the Spring/Summer catalog, each time an Autism Speaks Scentsy Warmer is sold, 100% of the net profits will be donated to the Autism Speaks organization.  What a great way to support a wonderful cause and have a permanent visual statement to everyone of your support for Autism Speaks.

A Unique Scentsy Warmer

The Piece By Piece Scentsy warmer has raised puzzle pieces all around the base, with a single blue puzzle piece on each side, designed to represent the mission of Autism Speaks.  April is National Autism Awareness month, and I found out that it is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the world.  How sad.  As a mother of four young children, it breaks my heart to think so many children in need of help and understanding, but not able to get it.  Thank you for helping me and Scentsy support this great cause with the purchase of a Piece By Piece Charitable Cause Warmer.  Together, we can help raise funds for this wonderful cause and help support the Autism Speaks organization.

Scentsy Charitable Causes

The Charitable Cause Warmers have been a great success in the past. The first Charitable Cause Warmer created was the Sunshine Kids Scentsy Warmer, and Scentsy was able to raise over $150,000 for their organization from the sale of the Sunshine Kids warmer.  The National Breast Cancer Foundation Cause was a huge success and received a $600,000 donation check from Scentsy through the proceeds of the special Love, Life, Hope Scentsy warmer.

Thanks again for your support of Autism Speaks and other Scentsy Charitable Causes.  Together we can make a difference! 

~Becky Sattler, Independent Scentsy Star Director
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