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September 12, 2012

Scentsy Bath Tablets

Scentsy Bath Tablets

Dec. 15, 2016 - Just thought I'd jump in here and provide an update, the Scentsy Bath Tablets were discontinued as we've adapted to what you, the customer, has told us. The Scentsy Layers line has been greatly improved and modified over the last few years to our current collection of Scentsy Skin products. I loved the Scentsy Bath Tablets but the new products that Scentsy has introduced are amazing and if you were a fan of the Scentsy Bath Tablets you'll be surprised how much you'll love the new skin products Scentsy has introduced as well as the level of quality you get from a Scentsy Skin Product.

Scentsy Fine Fragrance RollerScentsy Velvet Hand CreamScentsy Whipped Body SouffleScentsy Moisturizing Body Bar




The new categories of the the Scentsy Skin line are, in order as pictured, Scentsy Fine Fragrance Rollers, Scentsy Velvet Hand Cream, Scentsy Whipped Body Souffle, and the Scentsy Moisturizing Body Bar. Which of these new products is my favorite? That's a toughie. The Whipped Body Souffle is amazing, if you've never tried something like that it's amazing, it leaves your skin feeling fantastic and is definitely worth the splurge every now and then. The Scentsy Velvet Hand Cream is the same thing, it's fantastic for your hands and leaves your hands feeling moisturized, especially during the harsh winter months. If your a Body Bar type of person, you'll love the Scentsy Body Bar.

Available in great fragrances you'll find the Body Bar leaves your skin feeling super smooth and silky. And finally, the Fine Fragrance Rollers are great to carry in a purse or have in the car when you're looking for a fun, easy way to give yourself a splash of a great fragrance. Let's be honest, sometimes a little bit of fine fragrance can really help the sweats and T-shirt feel like we actually got dressed for the day! 😉

Want to browse the entire selection of new Scentsy Skin products? Follow the link to the Shop Scentsy Skin Products. Scentsy has always added an amazing Scentsy Man line, or what they call Scentsy Groom. The Scentsy Groom line includes a Cream Shave Soap, a Refreshing Face Balm, a Shampoo/Shave/Shower Bar, and a Nourishing Skin Conditioner. I gave my hubs the Cream Shave Soap and Shower Bar and according to his professional 🙂 opinion they were super smooth and felt great. The shave soap was a big hit and as much as he is not usually a Shower Bar kind of a guy he liked the Shower Bar and felt it was a great product. If you're looking for a fun gift for your man check out the Scentsy Groom line to spoil him a bit and make him smell nice! Follow the link to Shop Scentsy Groom.

~Becky Sattler, 

Independent Scentsy Star Director
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