Scentsy ValentinesWill you be my Scentsy Buddy?

Valentines Day is just around the corner… do you have a Valentine’s gift for your kids yet? Give them a Scentsy Buddy for Valentines Day!  These ADORABLE stuffed animals hold an interchangeable Scentsy Scent Pak that smells GREAT!!!! Kids LOVE them, and they make the room smell good too! My one-year-old has Lenny the Lamb with the Newborn Nursery Scent Pak.  I love it when she plays with her Scentsy Buddy because then SHE smells like a baby.  Mmmm!  One simple way to keep her my baby a little longer.  A Scentsy Buddy is the perfect gift and oh-so cuddly!  Order now for Valentine’s Day!!