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March 24, 2016

Scentsy Coloring Warmers

Scentsy DIY warmersScentsy coloring warmers

Adult coloring is the latest craze, and Scentsy has introduced a way to bring that to Scentsy warmers!  Scentsy has two DIY adult coloring warmers currently available:  DIY Calavera and DIY Reimagine.

DIY Calavera Sugar Skull Scensty Warmer

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Sugar Skull Scentsy Warmer

Use your creativity to design and color your own Calavera Sugar Skull Scentsy warmer, using your choice of permanent markers.  Simply draw on the design, and if you need a little "correcting", wipe off with rubbing alcohol and all mistakes will disappear.

Watch the DIY Calavera warmer being designed and colored in action!


Reimagine Scentsy Warmer

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Coloring Butterflies Reimagine warmerColor to your hearts content with Reimagine, the amazing new Scentsy warmer, perfect for adult coloring fans.  The black and white design on the Reimagine Scentsy warmer is the perfect template for coloring in with permanent markers.

Want to change the color scheme, or even just enjoy coloring it all over again?  Simply wipe down with rubbing alcohol and it will remove the permanent marker.  You will love creating your own unique Reimagine Scentsy Warmer.





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