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July 14, 2013

Scentsy Convention

Scentsy Family Reunion 2014

SFR2014 St. Louis Missouri

Scentsy Family Reunion St. Louis 2014

The Scentsy Convention for 2014 was just announced... get ready to head to St. Louis, Missouri on July 7-12, 2014!   Scentsy holds an annual convention (we call it our Scentsy Family Reunion!) and rotates locations each year to allow for bigger venues as the numbers grow, as well as to enable more Scentsy Consultants to attend in their regional area.

St. Louis, Missouri Scentsy Convention

Next year Scentsy Convention is coming to Saint Louis, Missouri.  The convention is an exciting time for Scentsy Consultants to get together and strengthen relationships, as well as receive top-notch training and motivation from their Corporate leaders as well as industry leading experts.  It's also a time for introducing new productss for the upcoming Fall/Winter catalog, and the annual incentive trip location is also announced.

It is truly a time of motivation and inspiration and leaves us as Scentsy Consultants ready to rededicate ourselves to growing a successful, sustainable Scentsy business.  I love it because the principles and values of Scentsy as a company also inspire me to be a better person in general as well as the drive to grow my Scentsy business.

Want to see what it's all about?  Come join my Scentsy team and you, too can see what Scentsy Family Reunions are all about!


~Becky Sattler,
Scentsy Star Director

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