Scentsy Diffusers

Nothing awakens your mood or brightens up your space like our handcrafted Scentsy Diffuser — now available in seven stunning designs to offer you a completely personalized  fragrance experience. Add water and your favorite  all-natural Scentsy Oils, choose your lighting and mist settings and wake up your senses — with a lifetime guarantee!

Scentsy Diffusers feature – the world’s most advanced ultrasonic nebulizing oil diffuser, 16 lighting options (including candle flicker!), 3 misting options, auto-shutoff, cold-mist technology that allows you to enjoy your Scentsy fragrance oils instantly without waiting – all of this with a lifetime warranty!

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NEW! Avid Scentsy Diffuser

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NEW! Stargaze Scentsy Diffuser

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NEW! Empower Scentsy Diffuser

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Deep Blue Sea Scentsy Diffuser

Deep Blue Sea Scentsy Diffuser

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Once Upon A Time Scentsy Diffuser

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NEW! Reach Scentsy Diffuser

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Scentsy Diffuser Enchant

Enchant Scentsy Diffuser

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Scentsy Diffuser Enliven

Enliven Scentsy Diffuser

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Entice Scentsy Diffuser

Entice Scentsy Diffuser

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Reflect Scentsy Diffuser

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Shade only – Stargaze Diffuser

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Shade only – Avid Diffuser

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Shade only – Empower Diffuser

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Shade only – Reach Diffuser

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Shade only – Enliven Diffuser

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Shade only – Once Upon a Time Diffuser

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Shade only – Deep Blue Sea Diffuser

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Shade only – Enchant Diffuser

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Shade only – Reflect Diffuser

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Shade only – Entice Diffuser

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Scentsy Diffusers

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Scentsy Natural & Essential Oils

Purely natural — and personalized  by you. We source only the finest natural ingredients from around the globe to deliver the best natural and essential oils in the world. Use Scentsy Oils alone or blend them together to create your own custom fragrance. Exclusively designed for use in a Scentsy Diffuser.

With almost 30 fun, unique blends of natural and essential oils, you’re sure to find a new favorite fragrance! All Scentsy Natural & Essential Oils come in 15 ml glass containers with resealable lids. Scentsy fragrance oils are 100% natural and essential oils, to safely fragrance your home, with the added mood-enhancing benefits of pure, high quality essential oils.  Scentsy fragrance oils are harvested from the best sources to offer you the most fragrant plants and spices, such as our pure lavender essential oils from the fields of France, or our peppermint essential oils from Washington state.

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Scentsy Natural & Essential Oils

Scentsy Natural & Essential Oils 

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Scentsy Natural & Essential Oils FAQ’S

Want to know more about Scentsy Natural and Essential Oils? You’re in luck! Below are some FAQ’s about Scentsy’s Natural and Essential Oils for use with your Scentsy Diffuser.

Some of Scentsy’s oils are called Essential Oils, what is an essential oil? 

Essential oils are aromatic oils extracted physically (typically using steam distillation or expression) from naturally occurring plant substances such as citrus peel or pulp, leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots and other plant parts.

The other oils type are called Natural Oils, what is a natural oil?

Good question, technically speaking Natural oils are either created from a natural source or single molecules are extracted from an essential or naturally-occurring oil. In order to create natural oil from a natural source, two or more isolated molecules may be combined together or combined with naturally-occurring enzymes to create a new molecule. So, though this new molecule may not be found in nature, only natural ingredients are used to create it.

What is the difference between Scentsy Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends and 100% Natural Oils?

Scentsy Essential Oils consist of a single essential oil while Scentsy Essential Oil Blends are blends of 2 or more essential oils. Scentsy 100% Natural Oils, on the other hand are blends of two or more natural and essential oils. All Scentsy Oils are 100% natural and naturally-derived; no synthetic ingredients are used.

Where are Scentsy Oils manufactured?

Scentsy currently works with 7 fragrance companies worldwide to manufacture Scentsy Oils. Scentsy plans to expand their network of distributers in order to continue delivering the best fragrance experience.

Will existing Scentsy Bar fragrances be offered in the future?

The Scentsy Diffuser is an entirely new way to experience fragrance, so the initial launch of the product in 2015 introduced an entirely new and separate collection of fragrances than from the wax line of fragrances. Scentsy has indicated they may consider making some of the Scentsy Bar fragrances available as a Scentsy Oil in the future.

Does the character of natural and essential oils fluctuate over time?

Yes. Natural and essential oils are subject to character (odor and color) variations caused by environmental factors such as flooding, drought and changing weather cycles. Though Scentsy profiles the natural and essential oils the use, and have established an acceptable range of variance, minor variances in the character of an essential oil or oil blend may be detectable from time to time.

Do natural and essential oils expire?

Since natural and essential oils are derived from 100% natural materials, their potency may vary over time. For best results, Scentsy recommends storing your Scentsy Oils away from extreme fluctuations in heat or light. For best results, use Scentsy Oils within 2 years of purchase.

Do I need to shake Essential Oil Blends or 100% Natural Oils before use?

No. It’s not necessary to shake Scentsy Oils prior to use, and doing so will not affect your fragrance experience.

Why isn’t pricing consistent for all Scentsy Oils or within the same category (Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends and Natural and Essential Oil Blends)?

Because Scentsy’s natural and essential oils are derived from 100% natural ingredients, they are subject to pricing fluctuations due to weather, ease or difficulty of extraction, availability and plant yields. For example, lavender is easily renewable, produces high yields and can be sourced from different producers or locations. In contrast, sandalwood is substantially more expensive because it takes longer to produce, is only found in certain parts of southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, yields less oil and is more difficult to extract. Though there may be market fluctuations during the 6 months of a catalog, Scentsy has indicated they will not adjust prices to reflect market costs during a catalog cycle.

Will Scentsy Oils be available in a Combine & Save?

No. Unfortunately, due to fluctuations in market prices of raw ingredients mean Scentsy cannot offer Scentsy Oils at a uniform discount.

Can I ingest Scentsy Oils or use them topically?

No. The FDA does not approve or recommend ingesting or topically applying any essential oil. Though many essential oils are on the FDA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list, and all Scentsy Oils are safe and meet all Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) standards as diffuser oils, Scentsy Oils are not intended for ingestion or direct skin applications.

Why can’t I ingest Scentsy Oils or use them topically?

Scentsy’s intent with their Essential and Natural Oils is to provide an exceptional, natural fragrance experience rather than create oils for therapeutic or medicinal purposes. This decision was based on the fact that claims about an oil’s therapeutic or medicinal benefits cannot be verified by an impartial third party or government entity, and in the spirit of Authenticity, Scentsy will not make claims that can’t be independently verified. With that said, you may find the ingredients in Scentsy Oils are identical to the ingredients in oils marketed for therapeutic or medicinal use. While we will never recommend or endorse using Scentsy Oils for this purpose, using Scentsy Oils internally or topically should only be done at your own risk.

Can Scentsy Oils be used for aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy generally refers to the use of aromas for therapeutic (pharmacological) purposes. Scentsy Oils are not designed to be ingested or applied topically, so they are not intended for this purpose. However, there is scientific evidence that specific scents stimulate the olfactory system – the parts of the brain connected to smell – and can induce a chemical reaction in the brain which make a person feel relaxed, calm or even stimulated. This is known as aromachology, which is the psychological or mental effect of smelling essential oils. Scentsy Oils can absolutely be used for aromachology.

Are Scentsy Oils therapy-grade?

“Therapy-grade” is a misleading term; there is no official entity, governmental or otherwise, that screens, evaluates or grades essential oils. As such, in the spirit of Authenticity, we do not make any claims about our products that cannot be substantiated or verified.

Will fragrances change each season like our bars?

Yes. As with all our products, we will occasionally retire fragrances in the Scentsy Oils collection and introduce new scents to give you and your customers more reasons to explore fragrance. There have also been some seasonal Oil blends introduced that are perfect for ringing in the holidays!

Will Scentsy Oils irritate my allergies?

If you are sensitive to specific plants, diffusing oils that contain them may irritate your allergies. Fortunately, Scentsy Oils disclose all ingredients so you can evaluate their appropriateness for the health and comfort of you and your family.

Will Scentsy Oils stain?

When undiluted, Scentsy Oils have the potential to stain clothes or damage fabrics or surfaces. To avoid staining or damage, we recommend immediately cleaning up spills and thoroughly cleaning surfaces that come into contact with the oil.

Can I use the oils in my warmers?

Adding Scentsy Oils to a Scentsy Warmer does not create a pleasant fragrance experience and may severely discolor the warming dish. Each Scentsy system (warmers, diffusers, scent pak) is designed for an optimal fragrance experience. Scentsy Oils are best experienced via the cold-mist diffusion of a Scentsy Diffuser. Likewise, Scentsy Bars are best experienced via a Scentsy warmer. Along the same lines, it is not recommended to mix diffuser oils with wax. Scentsy Oils have not been formulated or tested for use in our warmers. Scentsy diffuser oils are highly concentrated and intended to be used with water only.

Why does some of my Scentsy Oils drip faster or slower than others?

The natural character of individual oils means some oils will be thicker and flow more slowly than others.

Can I use Scentsy Oils in my vaporizer or humidifier?

Using Scentsy Oils or any natural or essential oils in vaporizers or humidifiers could damage or destroy the unit. The Scentsy Diffuser features a proprietary plastic designed to resist corrosion, even with the most acidic oils.

Can I use Scentsy Oils in a bath, sauna or hot tub?

No. Scentsy Oils are not intended to be applied topically or ingested. Scentsy Oils are only intended to be used in the Scentsy Diffuser.

Will Scentsy Oils damage my furniture or surfaces?

As with any fragrance oils, Scentsy Oils may damage surfaces when improperly used. Avoid prolonged contact between Scentsy Oils and surfaces. When used as directed, Scentsy fragrance oils will not damage surfaces.

Are there any adulterants in the essential oils?

No. Scentsy Oils do not contain adulterants or diluents to “stretch” the oils or reduce costs.

Are Scentsy oils certified organic?

Scentsy Oils are not certified organic.

If the oils are not organic, are they tested for pesticides and impurities?

Conventional materials are not tested for pesticides. However, our essential oils are tested on a gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GCMS) to ensure there are no impurities which will affect the fragrance quality.