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January 3, 2011

Scentsy Party Time

Scentsy Double Host Rewards

Every January Scentsy DOUBLES the Half-Price Rewards for EVERY party! So there is no better time to get the most of out of your Scentsy Party and after the Holiday season that's a great deal! So how do Scentsy Host Rewards work? In a nutshell, the host rewards are based on the total value of the party which can vary from $200 to over $1,000! Parties are simple, low-pressure environments where you can simply invite your friends over for some treats and smell the Scentsy fragrances. Depending on the total value of the purchases of your guests, you earn rewards like FREE product credit and you can purchase products at a 50% Discount! The greater the total value of the products the greater the host rewards. There are so many great Scentsy products and fragrances from trendy Scentsy Warmers to the modern, innovative diffuser with a fun collection of Essential and Natural Oils to choose from so it's easy to have a great party and a lot of fun!

What Host Rewards does Scentsy offer? Here is an easy to understand chart of Scentsy Host Rewards - now remember, this chart is accurate for every month of the year except January when the number of half-price host rewards is DOUBLED! So, for example, if you have a party with a total value over $1,000 you have earned 8 half-price items!

Scentsy Host Rewards

Home Party

Thought you'd like to host a Scentsy party, but never got around to it?  Now is the BEST time to host a Scentsy party!!  January is DOUBLE the half-price host rewards, so you can get even more Scentsy for FREE.  If you live nearby,  I'll come over and together we'll have a fun, no-pressure party to help your friends spend their Christmas money on something they'll really love. Contact me to schedule your Scentsy party today!

Basket Party

If you don't live so close, an easy way to get free Scentsy rewards is a Basket party.  I'll send you my "Scentsy party in a purse" and you can host it more like a catalog or book party.  It's super simple - just take the bag of tiny Scentsy scent testers around with you everywhere you go, taking orders.  After about a week, you  send it all back and get lots of FREE Scentsy, without even having to clean your house or provide treats!   I'll be your Scentsy Consultant and help you with everything - it's super easy!  Schedule your Scentsy party today.

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