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November 1, 2012

Scentsy Fragrance Foam

Fragrance Foam Discontinued

***Scentsy Fragrance Foam is now discontinued.  The new Scentsy Hand Sanitizer spray replaced the Fragrance Foams.***

Fragrance Foam Frenzy Buy One Get One Free

Buy One Fragrance Foam Get One Free!

Scentsy Fragrance Foam Hand Sanitizer available in many of your favorite Scentsy fragrances.  Buy Scentsy Fragrance Foam online.

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Offer good while supplies last.  Fragrance Foam will be discontinued the end of February, so stock up on this amazing scented hand sanitizer now!

Scentsy Fragrance Foam now available in the following scents:

Camu Camu
Coconut Lemongrass
Cucumber Lime
Enchanted Mist
Eskimo Kiss
Havana Cabana
Honey Pear Cider
Just Breathe
Love Story
Lucky In Love
Mediterranean Spa
My Dear Watson
Perfectly Pomegranate
Rio Beach
Route 66
Satin Sheets
Silver Bells
Skinny Dippin’
Sunkissed Citrus
White Tea & Cactus

Antibacterial Fragrance Hand Santizer

Don't let germs get the best of you this cold and flu season... take your Scentsy Fragrance Foam with you everywhere you go!  Alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer.  No alcohol to dry your hands, and won't leave them sticky either.  Lightly scented antibacterial foam to kill those germs and keep you flu-free with emollients to nourish and soften your skin.  Makes a great gift for teachers, nurses, daycare providers, and more.  Currently available in 20 Scentsy scents.shop Scentsy

Scentsy Hand SanitizerBlack Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Foam

Delicious, sun-sweetened dark berries warmed with vanilla.

Scentsy Hand SanitizerCamu Camu Fragrance Foam

Tropical oasis of lush mandarin, camu camu and passionfruit.

Scentsy Hand SanitizerCoconut Lemongrass Fragrance Foam

Creamy, tropical coconut and sunny, bright lemongrass.

Scentsy Hand SanitizerCucumber Lime Fragrance Foam

Cool, refreshing blend of mellow cucumber and tangy lime.

Scentsy Hand SanitizerEnchanted Mist Fragrance Foam

Romantic blend of juicy apples, enhanced and sweetened by rose petals and rich jasmine.

Scentsy Hand SanitizerFlirtatious Fragrance Foam

Fruity and vibrant, a combination of green apple, grapefruit and white amber.

Scentsy Hand SanitizerHavana Cabana Fragrance Foam

Luscious medley of pineapples, oranges, bananas and berries.

Scentsy Hand SanitizerLove Story Fragrance Foam

Innocent pink jasmine and sensual amber embraced by luscious dark chocolate.

Scentsy Hand SanitizerLucky in Love Fragrance Foam

Sweet bouquet of mandarin, bergamot and orange with hints of peaches and berries.

Scentsy Hand SanitizerPerfectly Pomegranate Fragrance Foam

Dark and juicy pomegranate with a sweet berry finish; this is a classic.

Scentsy Hand SanitizerSatin Sheets Fragrance Foam

Sensual and earthy sandalwood perfectly paired with rich, warm vanilla.

Scentsy Hand SanitizerSkinny Dippin' Fragrance Foam

Fresh green apples perfectly harmonized with refreshing melons and juicy pears.


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