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September 4, 2015

Scentsy Holiday Products

Scentsy Holiday Products 2016

***UPDATE*** September 1, 2016

Scentsy Harvest Collection 2016

Scentsy Harvest Collection 2016

The new Scentsy Harvest Warmers are available for sale! These fantastic new custom-designed warmers are very fun and help liven up your fall holiday decor! There are 7 new Scentsy Thanksgiving and Scentsy Halloween warmers available this year. The new themes range from classic Fall leaves to the fun, spooky Calaca Scentsy Warmer.

As fun as the Warmers are, some of my favorite Scentsy fragrances every year, are in the Scentsy Fall & Winter scents category and beginning Sept. 1, 2016 those are now available! These are always TOP SELLERS and make every home feel comfy and cozy, perfect for the Fall! Classics like Pumpkin Marshmallow and new delicious fragrances like Frosted White Birch bring in the fall spirit or browse the entire new line of Fall & Winter fragrances to find your favorite Scentsy Fall Fragrance! Follow the orange link to browse all the brand-new Scentsy Fall & Winter scents!

Don't forget to take advantage of the Scentsy Six-Pack of bars so you can get 6 Scentsy bars for the price of 5! Essentially buy 5 Scentsy bars and get one FREE.



**The below was posted August 2016

Scentsy Holiday Products 2016

Every holiday season Scentsy introduces a group of fun new Scentsy products perfect for all those fun fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving in the Scentsy Harvest Catalog, and Christmas and Hannukah in the Holiday Catalog. This year the Scentsy Holiday products were first announced at the Scentsy annual convention in Nashville and what a great collection of Holiday products we have this year! Below are two of my favorite of the new Scentsy Holiday Warmers!

Scentsy Holiday Products 2016

They are here! Scentsy Holiday Products are now available to buy online! We saw a sneak peek of these warmers in August but now, October 1 2016, these fun new Scentsy Holiday Products are available to buy online! The new, instant-classic Special Delivery Warmer is bound to go fast so if that's one you're really hoping to include in your Holiday decor than be sure to add it to your cart today!

Scentsy Special Delivery Warmer

(TIP - be sure to take advantage of my Buy 5 get 1 bar free special to get the best deal on Scentsy Holiday Fragrances to go with your fun new Scentsy Warmer! Can't find the link? Here it is - Scentsy bars discount. Just add the bars you want and you'll see them populate at the top of the page and you'll get the discount! How great is that!?)

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