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May 7, 2013

Scentsy Lightbulbs

Scentsy Warmer Light Bulbs

Need a new light bulb for your Scentsy warmer?  There are various sizes of Scentsy light bulbs available, based on the size of your Scentsy warmer.

Replacement light bulb for Scentsy warmers

Many customers ask if they have to replace the lightbulb in their Scentsy warmers with a Scentsy light bulb, or if they can just buy one at the local hardware store.

There is nothing inherently different about a Scentsy lightbulb, but it is very important to find the correct light bulb size and watts to replace in your Scentsy warmer.  Many times, the base of the bulb is too large to fit in the Scentsy warmer, or the watts are too much or too little.

If the wattage is more than the prescribed replacement light bulb, it can be a fire hazard and unsafe.  If the new lightbulb watts are too low, it won't properly melt the Scentsy wax.

Scentsy warmer bulbs

Buy Scentsy lightbulbs online

All sizes of Scentsy light bulbs are only $2, but since you'll have to pay the minimum Scentsy shipping cost, it's a good idea to stock up on other Scentsy products while you're ordering your lightbulbs.

Need help choosing the correct replacement light bulb for your Scentsy warmer?  I can help!

~Becky Sattler, Independent Scentsy Star Director
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