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May 28, 2011

Scentsy Products

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Ever wondered what products Scentsy has to offer?  Here's a brief rundown... to see the Scentsy fragrances available in each category, feel free to click on the link and have a looksy!  They're all sooo good.  With over 80 Scentsy fragrances and 50 Warmers to choose from, there's definitely the perfect Scentsy product for your taste and style.

Scentsy Warmers

An electric ceramic warmer that melts the Scentsy candle wax cubes by the heat of a lightbulb in the base.  Delightfully scented, wonderfully safe.

  • Scentsy Full-Size Warmers
  1. Patriot Collection Warmers
  2. Nursery Warmers
  3. DIY Warmers
  4. Sports Collection Warmers
  5. Scentsy Campus Collection Warmers
  • Scentsy Mid-Size Warmers
  • Scensty Plug-in Warmers

Scentsy Scents

Once you pick just the right Scentsy Warmer, choose the perfect Scentsy Scents to enjoy!  Break apart the candle wax bars, and a cube or two will be enough to scent your whole room.  Each bar lasts about 60-80 hours.  Many of the Scentsy scent products come in the following categories:  Corner Cafe Collection, Favorites Collection, Romance Collection, Scentsy Man Collection, Spa Collection, Spring & Summer Collection, Tropical Collection.

  • Scentsy Bars
  • Scentsy Bricks

Scentsy Fragrances On-the-Go

Fall in love with a Scentsy scent and be able to take it with you everywhere you go!  From the car, to the locker, gym bag, closet, or purse, there is a perfect place for these fragrant little gems.  Never leave home without one (or two!).

  • Scentsy Scent Circles
  • Scentsy Room Sprays
  • Scentsy Travel Tins
  • Scentsy Scent Paks
  • Scentsy Fragrance Foams

Scentsy Buddy

Adorable scented stuffed animals come with your choice of Scentsy Scent Pak to put in the zippered pouch in the back of your Scentsy Buddy.  So huggable and smell oh-so good.

  • Ollie the Elephant
  • Penny the Pig
  • Mollie the Monkey
  • Roarbert the Lion
  • Ribbert the Frog
  • Lenny the Lamb

Happy shopping!  Feel free to call or send a message if you need help choosing... I'd love to help you pick just the right Scentsy products for yourself or for the perfect gift.  If you're addicted to Scentsy, you'll make the perfect Scentsy Consultant! Join Scentsy and become a Scentsy Rep today. 🙂

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~Becky Sattler,
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