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February 6, 2013

Scentsy ScenTrend

ScenTrend 2013: Violet Leaf

Violet Leaf Scentsy Bar ScenTrend 2013
Violet Leaf ScenTrend 2013

Did you love experimenting with Pink Pepper, ScenTrend fragrance of 2012?  ScenTrend fragrances are meant to be added to existing Scentsy fragrances to change the scent and give it a slightly different twist.  The ScenTrend for 2013 is Violet Leaf.

In this fast-paced world, we often yearn for simple moments that offer a sense of tranquility. Violet Leaf’s pure, natural fragrance is gentle on the senses, a subtle reminder to unplug from our increasingly digital world.  Unwind.  Calm.  Simplify.

If you’re already familiar with Scentsy, you know that scent can bring back memories, enhance your mood, and enliven your world. You will love to experiment with Violet Leaf— its organic, green note allows for endless fragrance variations.

How Do I use Scentsy ScenTrend?

Add a cube or two to an existing Scentsy fragrance and discover how Violet Leaf changes it. Is it fresher? More green? More soothing?

ScenTrend Violet Leaf is natural to pair with certain Scentsy fragrances, but you can try it with any fragrance.  Add a cube of Violet Leaf to an existing Scentsy fragrance to create you own unique fragrance.  Here are a few suggestions for mixing with Violet Leaf:

  1.  Posy Peach Scentsy Bar
  2. Route 66 Scentsy Bar
  3. Quiver Scentsy Bar
  4. Apple Press Scentsy Bar
  5. Rio Beach Scentsy Bar
  6. Lotus Cove Scentsy Bar
  7. My Home Scentsy Bar

Violet Leaf debuting in fine fragrance:

    • Fame by Lady Gaga - 2012
    • Violet Blond by Tom Ford - 2011
    • Flora by Gucci - 2011

Scentsy ScenTrend Violet Leaf

How Do I Buy ScenTrend Violet Leaf?

ScenTrend bars are bought just like any other Scentsy bar.  Buy Violet Leaf online and start mixing with your favorite Scentsy fragrances today!

Scentsy Violet Leaf ScenTrend 2013

~Becky Sattler,
Independent Scentsy Star Director
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