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January 16, 2014

Scentsy Spring Sprint

Join us at Spring Sprint!Scentsy Spring Sprint 2014

Come to Spring Sprint for excellent training, motivation to get your Scentsy business off to a great start this year, and make friendships that last a lifetime!

It is been said that "those who show up, go up!" and that is defnitely true for your Scentsy business.  The more Scentsy events you participate in, the more your Scentsy business will grow.

What is Spring Sprint?

Spring Sprint is a one-day meeting held at various locations all over the country (as well as in Europe), so Consultants can participate without having to travel too far; Spring Sprint comes to us!  There are six routes this year, with different stops along the way so Consultants and guests can have a mobile mini-convention come to them!  Corporate employees from Scentsy Home Office will be traveling around the country, along with Scentsy Events personnel to put on a Scentsy Spring Sprint conference you don't want to miss!

Why should I go to Spring Sprint?

1.  Gain motivation and momentum to start off the year right and grow your Scentsy Family business.

2.  Great breakout sessions taught by local Scentsy leaders with real life tips to help you grow your Scentsy business.

3.  Get a sneak peek at the new Scentsy products for Spring/Summer 2014.

4.  The Scentsy Family Store will be set up at each location, so you can get your Scentsy gear!

5.  Receive a free product giveaway kit for attending Spring Sprint - valued at much more than even the registration cost!

6.  Make and grow friendships that will last a lifetime.  Networking and bonding with other consultants is crucial to building a successful Scentsy business, and Spring Sprint is a great place to make that happen.

7.  Scentsy Spirit!!!  The energy is contagious and will help you find your mojo again!

8.  Bring a guest along with you to Spring Sprint and turn him/her into your newest recruit!

9.  If you aren't a Scentsy Consultant yet, join my Scentsy team and then come join us at the nearest Scentsy Spring Sprint location!!Scentsy Spring Sprint 2014

Scentsy Sprint Sprint 2014 map

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