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June 1, 2012

Scentsy Warmer of the Month June 2012

“Angler” Scentsy Warmer of the Month for June

Fathers Day Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Warmer of the Month: Angler

Fishing Scentsy Warmer of the Month June 2012

A warmer worthy of a great outdoorsman — Dad! Trout and hand-tied flies are etched onto a natural sandstone background, capped with a river-green glass warmer dish.

The perfect balance of manliness, fun and sport for your Dad this Father's Day, or even just for a cabin or lakehouse.

A safe candle: 25-watt lightbulb melts the Scentsy wax cubes in the dish on top to make your whole room smell good, with no fire danger, soot, or smoke.  Each month Scentsy offers a Scentsy Warmer and fragrance of the month, so check back for May’s Scent of the Month.  See the previous Scentsy Warmer of the Month for May 2012.

Scentsy Sale Price: $35 $31.50 ($3.50 off)

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Scentsy Scent of the Month: Lotus Cove Scentsy Bar

Scent of the Month June 2012Lotus Cove Scentsy Bar

Dive into a crystalline pool of cool water tucked into a secluded cove. Lotus Cove is a splash of sea air, earthy lavender, and water flowers anchored by rustic driftwood.

Lotus Cove Scent of the Month has already been so popular and it just came out!  It's a great clean scent that lasts a long time.  This is a great scent to pair with the Angler Scentsy Warmer to make the perfect Father's Day gift!

Each month Scentsy offers a Scentsy Fragrance of the Month so check back for July’s Scent of the Month and scent review.

Scentsy Sale Price: $5.00 $4.50 ($0.50 off)

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