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February 7, 2011

Sell Scentsy Candles and Warmers

Should I Sell Scentsy?

I've recruited hundreds of people to join my Scentsy team and in every case, as they are considering becoming a Scentsy Consultant, they want to know what my favorite benefits are of being a Scentsy Consultant. Over the years that I've been a Scentsy Consultant, I think my favorite benefit has changed but here are some of my top favorite benefits of selling Scentsy and being a Scentsy Consultant.

Reason #1 - Free Travel! 

Since I began selling Scentsy as a Scentsy Consultant, I've gone on countless trips with Scentsy! There is no better way to travel than with Scentsy! They take care of all the details and always do the fun things that I would never pay to do on my own if I took a trip to the same place! For example, my husband and I earned an all-expense paid trip to New York City a few years ago and the trip included an amazing dinner cruise on the Hudson with all the other earners and it was just fantastic to see New York City at night and the Statue of Liberty. I've earned several free trips to Cancun, an all-expense paid trip to Greece that included 2 nights on the island of Mykonos (this trip was for the top 100 point earners in the entire company!), Nashville, the Dominican Republic, several amazing cruises and more.

The first Incentive Trip I earned was an all-expense trip to the Dominican Republic at the amazing Hard Cafe Resort. Our room had a beautiful view of the ocean with a hot tub and a balcony with a hammock! The resort was MUCH bigger than I imagined with a mini-golf course, archery, basketball (for the hubs), a great gym, amazing indoor shopping, fantastic shows and performances, and the best restaurants - and again everything was paid for so we could eat for free at any of the restaurants on the resort! It was an awesome first trip and it was fun to spend some relaxing time with my husband and get to party with other fantastic Scentsy Consultants!

Reason #2 

When I began selling Scentsy as a Consultant in 2008 my motivation was almost entirely the extra income. My husband and I had started several new businesses and were still growing them so we were short on funds. My Scentsy business started out as a way to help cover the phone bill or help buy clothing for our ever-growing kids! Over time, my income as a Scentsy Consultant was able to cover the mortgage, in addition to the phone bill and clothing for our kids. Eventually, it took our kids on trips to Disneyland and other fun family trips, helped set aside for a rainy day, purchase a new home, and pay off cars, in addition to the phone bill, mortgage and clothes! Today, as we've grown our team and helped Consultants in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and all over the USA, grow their businesses, our Scentsy income covers all of our living expenses and continues to grow.

When I began selling Scentsy as a Scentsy Consultant I had high hopes but didn't really know if it would work - I didn't know if I was the right kind of person (they say you have to "sales-y" - not so) or if I was too late and all the opportunity was gone, or if I would be able to help my new Consultants have the success they envisioned. Scentsy Consultants have a very collaborative culture so that along with my own efforts and some trial and error, I've been able to grow my team and take care of my customers to grow my income as a Scentsy Consultant. I know that if I can have the success I've had that you can have the same success, if you really want it and are willing to put in some work. I think you'd be surprised what Scentsy can do for you and your family.

Reason #3 - Work From Home, wherever that is for you. 😉

This is such a big benefit! This includes the flexibility to not only work from the address you call home but to call a new address home, wherever you want that to be! We have several friends that have hit the road traveling the world as Scentsy Consultants and are still able to make it work and grow their business. Developing a Scentsy team as a Scentsy Consultant and developing leaders will help you really see the vision of the type of flexibility you can enjoy. It starts out meaning you don't have to worry about a commute, or running your cute kids to daycare, or rushing kids to doctor or dentist appointments and can truly become working from home, wherever you want that to be!

It also means you can avoid the morning rush at the gym, and exercise whenever you want - or just skip the whole thing altogether! 🙂 On top of that, you can wear whatever you want! Selling Scentsy as a Scentsy Consultant allows you to work from home if you aren't employed and means that you can work after hours at home parties, fundraisers, basket parties, online parties or etc to make some extra money! Forego the second job and work from home as a Scentsy Consultant! As a mother of 5 being able to work from home is a fantastic benefit! It sure makes my life less hectic since I don't need to run out and rush off to work.

I really felt like I wanted to be home with my little kids as they were growing up so I made that a priority for me and loved it! I was able to read stories and play games with my littles and then find a time to do Scentsy during nap times or in the evenings. My children don't seem to stop growing ( I know right!?) so it's been really nice to have been home with them as they were growing up and now when they come home from school and I can help with homework or talk about their day at school. Being a Scentsy Consultant has allowed me the flexibility to work out of my house and enjoy the growing-up years of our little kiddos.

Reason #4 - Awards & Recognition

Not only does Scentsy have an amazing compensation plan that pays well, but Scentsy also offers amazing new awards and recognition for it's top performers and brand new Consultants. Not only do new Consultants benefit from the compensation plan, but they can also earn extra money when they earn different levels of Scentsational Start awards and the Shooting Star award! There are three levels of Scentsational Start that a new Consultant can earn and get paid a bonus and receive recognition from Scentsy at the annual Scentsy Reunion.

After you're no longer a new Consultant , there are also Annual Awards like Annual Mentor and Annual Sales that provide an extra cash incentive and recognition and awards at the Annual Scentsy Reunion. I've earned the Annual Mentor every year since 2011 and have loved helping new Consultants get their business off to a great start. Our team has grown phenomenally and it's exciting to watch it grow and to see so many new Consultants really make some good money, earn free trips, and provide some support for their family at a time when one of the spouses is let go from a job or has a business slow down. If it is your goal to make Scentsy really change your life when you become a Scentsy Consultant than I am happy to help you and train you to achieve your goals. We have a fantastic team all over the world that sells Scentsy as Consultants and are experiencing success and I have no doubt that with your hard work and persistence and our experience we can make it work for you!

Reason #5 - Amazing Friends!

This is one of my absolute favorite things about being a Scentsy Consultant - I've made a lot of amazing people and made some amazing friends! This is also probably the one thing that came as the biggest surprise to me. For whatever reason it never donned on me that as I earned free trips and grew a team of Scentsy Consultants that we would become such good friends and enjoy getting together! As a result of earning free trips, I've been able to meet so many people and have limitless crepes with them in Cancun or tour the wonders of the world like Chichen Itza and the Acropolis in Greece! Not only have we made great friends in the USA but since Scentsy is a boundary-less organization (I can recruit in any part of the world I'd like! Another amazing benefit!) I have friends from all over the world and get to travel to support my team!

It is so fun encounter so many different perspectives and ways of living and share common bonds and struggles. The friends I have made as a result of being a Scentsy Consultant are some of my absolute favorite. Very often, many of them are in the same stage of life as myself who joined for the same reason I did and now we can cheer each other on and be excited for each others successes! Beyond the free travel, income, and getting to spend more time with my family; making so many good friends has been an amazing and surprising benefit to being a Scentsy Consultant.

Why Should I Sell Scentsy?

In summary, I think about why I sell Scentsy a lot.  It helps me know what to say to people when they ask me that question.  As a mom of 5 kids I love that I can sell Scentsy and stay home with my kids.  I derive a lot of personal satisfaction knowing that I am building a sustainable business.  I don't have to worry about finances now, and don't wonder what I would do if something were to happen to my husband and I'd have to be the sole supporter of my family.  It is important that I am able to do this and not miss a moment with my kiddies, because I know these years will fly by.

Why my team Sells Scentsy

A few weeks ago I was talking with Scentsy Consultants on my team and asked them what they like about their Scentsy business and being a Scentsy Consultant.  Here are a few of their answers:

  • I'm working to pay off bills and  become debt free.
  • I want to quit my job and stay home with my family.
  • To make extra money to pay for family vacations.
  • To increase my self-confidence.
  • Allows me to contribute to finances and work from home.
  • A way create self-sufficiency.
  • Start a new life after divorce.
  • Be able to create my own hours and not have the boss I hate.
  • Earn extra money to pay for my crafts and hobbies.
  • Discount on the product and great tax write-offs.
  • Promise of a better financial situation in the future with less stress.
  • I love the product... it makes me happy.

Every Scentsy story is unique and suited to that person, but each has something to do with the ability to make your life more like what YOU want it to be.  What will your Scentsy story be?  Come join Scentsy with me and let's get started on making YOUR story!  Sell Scentsy

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