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November 8, 2010

Snuggle up with Scentsy Buddies

Scentsy Buddy

Scentsy Buddy

Scentsy fragrance for everybody in the Scentsy Buddy! A brand new way to enjoy your favorite Scentsy scents.  These fun new stuffed toys are cute little stuffed animals with a little pouch where you can insert a Scentsy Scent Pack - a small closed envelope with mesh on the one side that is filled with scented beads - into the Scentsy Buddy and now you can take it with you anywhere!  Perfect to snuggle up with your new friend... filled with your favorite Scentsy scent.  

Scentsy Buddy FAQ

What is a Scentsy Buddy? 

A Scentsy Buddy is a stuffed toy, often in the shape of an animal, with a zipper-closed pouch where a Scentsy Scent Pack can be placed so that the Scentsy Buddy is a portable, fun way to take your favorite Scentsy scent with you anywhere!

What Scentsy Buddy are currently available? 

Good question! Scentsy Buddies are introduced as limited time only products, and have proven to be very popular so they often sell out very quickly when a new limited-time Buddy is introduced. To shop current Scentsy Buddies simply follow the link.

What Scentsy scents are available in the Scent Packs? 

The collection of Scentsy scents available in Scent Packs continues to grow alongside the popularity of the Scentsy Buddies and as new Buddies are introduced in the new Scentsy catalogs in March and September, or throughout the season as new Scentsy Buddies are introduced.

How often are New Scentsy Buddies introduced?

Some Scentsy Buddies run during a 6 month catalog period so there are always a set of adorable Scentsy Buddies available. New, limited-time offer Scentsy Buddies are made available as other ones run out. These new Scentsy Buddies are only available while supplies last so if you see one you've got to have then you'll want to snatch it up! To see what Buddies are currently available check out our Scentsy Buddy.

What other products does Scentsy sell? 

Scentsy sells a lot of other innovative and beautiful scented products. Originally, Scentsy introduced the now iconic Scentsy Warmer. The Scentsy Warmer started as a ceramic warmer with a dish on top where cubes of highly scented wax were placed to be warmed releasing the fragrance without the danger of a flame or soot. Today, warmers are made of ceramic, glass, and even porcelain in all different styles and trends for every home. To shop our current selection of Scentsy Warmers follow the link to Scentsy Warmers.

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