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December 21, 2010

Top 10 Scentsy bars to warm for Santa

Christmas Scentsy Bars

10.  Sugar Cookie... makes Santa think you actually baked them instead of bought them

9.  Cozy Fireside... Santa will appreciate the scent of a warm fire, without having to put it out on landing!

8.  Gingersnap... Yum, Santa's favorite cookie!

7.  Christmas Cottage... ahhh, the smell of home!! Why not remind him of his final stop!

6. Paradise Punch... We all like a reminder of our upcoming vacation that we SO deserve!  (You don't think he stays up north, do you?)

5.  Silver Bells...to show him just how festive you are!

4.  Snowberry... give the big guy a little picker upper!!  A little pepper-minty coolness to help him get his second wind!!

3.  Hazelnut Latte... cuz, "baby, it's cold outside..."

2.  Eskimo Kiss... because it reminds him of Mrs. Claus waiting for him at home!

1.  Clean Breeze... uh, he is riding behind a bunch of Reindeer... enough said!

Contact me today to get that perfect Scentsy scent for Santa (or help him out and slip a few Scentsy bars into a stocking or two) and your holiday gathering this weekend! Buy Scentsy Online or contact Scentsy Consultant Becky Sattler to order it for you.


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