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August 13, 2012

Top Selling Scentsy Warmers for June 2012

See the top selling Scentsy full-size warmers for June 2012.  Hopefully these will give you some ideas when making your next Scentsy purchase.  Let me know if you have any questions or want ideas and suggestions.

Ohio State Scentsy Warmer

College Football Season is Here!



Ohio State University Warmer - a lot of people have been waiting for this warmer to finally get here





Angler Scentsy Warmer

On Sale for $31.50


Angler Warmer -  It's currently on sale for $31.50







Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer

A Great Looking Warmer


Heartfelt Warmer -  nice romantic warmer






Ashbury Scentsy Warmer

On Sale Now for $31.50

Ashbury Warmer - retro Scentsy Warmer







Jane Scentsy Warmer

On sale for $31.50

Jane Warmer - look through the glowing window

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