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October 23, 2012

Wickless Candles

I talk about Scentsy candles almost every day and recently I started just reflecting on the wickless candle industry.  It's pretty amazing how far wickless candles have come over the last few years.  The traditional candle is what most people had in their houses and not only did they not have wickless candles but they didn't probably had never seen or heard of anything different.  And now, Scentsy itself is well known all over the world and other companies making wickless candles have been born.  So most people have at least heard of if not own some type of wickless candle variation.

Orville Thompson hadn't even seen a wickless candle until March 2004 when he  was a vendor at a sales show in Salt Lake City and happened to be located near a booth where some women were selling decorative warmers designed to melt scented wax with the heat of a light bulb instead of a wick and flame.  It is through this experience that led him and his wife Heidi to purchase the then tiny company called Scentsy.  Think about that...that was only 2004!

I find it interesting how a concept that has been around since 200 BC in China and in Europe around 400 AD has evolved over the past 8 years.  Now, we have just about every scent you can imagine and there are new decorative warmers available every month.  Makes me excited about the future of Scentsy and what their candles may look like in another 8 years.

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