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Since the launch of “The Mandalorian” on Disney + few characters have elicited quite the response of the small yet powerful figure of Baby Yoda. Not to be confused with the adorable day-time Gremlins, Baby Yoda isn’t furry and can stay out past midnight without becoming a maniacal, drooling green goblin-creature thing. It’s hard to imagine how many years we’ve only known the adult Yoda – he’s always been just the lovable, wise, small figure that likes to to raise starships from swamps, stand on the feet of upside-down Jedi warriors in training, and a LOT better with a lightsaber than you’d ever imagine. Crazy good.

Anyways, even though everyone’s favorite star from “The Mandalorian” has been spending his days taking over the internet with an incessant stream of undeniably cute pictures we were able to catch up with him and get his list of favorite Scentsy Gift ideas for the holidays. During our very informal conversation, Baby Yoda actually indicated his favorite holiday is actually Halloween when he likes to dress up as Chewbacca but admitted you just can’t beat the Christmas season with all the lights, food, friends and family. 

So here goes, Baby Yoda’s favorite Christmas Scentsy gifts.

*Hint – Ironically, during our conversation we discovered that even though Scentsy has a lot of amazing licensed Star Wars Scentsy products this year, Baby Yoda didn’t seem really into any of those products but found himself leaning towards a more diverse set of favorite items. But if you have a Star Wars fan on your list follow the link to our amazing Scentsy Star Wars Collection




The Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser. Like Baby Yoda this new product is small but powerful and can fill any space with your favorite fragrance quickly. I actually have this warmer plugged into the wall right now with 2 pods of Christmas Cottage and it’s filling the entire room with Christmas Joy! 😉 Just add your favorite Scentsy Pod fragrance, and you’re good to go!

The Scentsy Go was an instant hit with Baby Yoda! He loved the changing colors, portability, simple use, and its ability to fill an entire room with fragrance. He even loved the new wraps that are available for the Scentsy Go and went for the sunny beach scene to liven up his space a bit. To view the Scentsy Go and find out which wrap you’d pick follow the link to Shop Scentsy Go

Ocean Clothing Conditioner

You know Baby Yoda’s next pick was a bit surprising at first but then made total sense – if you wore a burlap sack everywhere you’d want it to be soft too which is why it made total sense that Yoda picked the sweet-smelling Scentsy Scent Soft Fabric Softener. His favorite scent was Aloe Water and Cucumber but he became increasingly impartial the more fragrances he sampled but he absolutely loved the way it made his clothing feel. Follow the link to check out the amazing Scentsy Scent Soft Fabric Softener

Simple, beautiful and surprisingly good at filling your space with delightful fragrance. When your home is a swamp, you’ll take all the fragrance help you can get and this adorable flower serves two purposes of bringing some charming decor to your space and filling it with fragrance. Follow the link to shop the new Scentsy Fragrance Flower

Who can pass up on a Chewbacca Scentsy Buddy right?! I guess Baby Yoda has that in common with all of us – he couldn’t pass it up so here it is, on his Christmas Gift Guide! This product is a while supplies last product so if you’re in love with it, there’s no better time than the present to send one of these to your favorite Star Wars fan! Follow the link to view all of our licensed Scentsy Star Wars collection. 

Last but not least because Baby Yoda knows the future he has fond memories of Han Solo and his Millennium Falcon so he could not pass up this awesome new Warmer. This is perfect for the Star Wars fan of the family! This product is a while supplies last product so if you’re in love with it, there’s no better time than the present to send one of these to your favorite Star Wars fan! Follow the link to view all of our licensed Scentsy Star Wars collection.