Scentsy Brand: Grace Adele Discontinued

A few years ago, Scentsy Family decided to branch out and create a new brand and product line of high-quality, high-fashion coordinating bags and purses, clutches, accessories, and jewelry, even scarves.  One could effortlessly create their own unique look from head to toe.

Grace Adele grew and flourished during its few years, but Scentsy decided the industry wasn’t a fit for Scentsy, and Grace Adele was just not strong enough to allow Consultants the best experience to be successful.

So, at the end of 2013, Scentsy decided to discontinue the Grace Adele brand all together, and all consultants were given the chance to join Scentsy or Velata (other Scentsy Family brands) for free and remain with the Scentsy Family of brands.

Grace Adele Scentsy bags

Scentsy Family Multiple Brands

The exciting thing about multiple Scentsy Brands and Product lines is that you can choose to sell one or all of Scentsy Family brands such as Scentsy, or Velata but only have one downline that all feeds into one compensation plan.  No other Direct Sales company is so generous and leaves the door wide open for amazing success when you join.

Contact me for more information or to join any of these exciting Scentsy brands; I would love to have you join my Scentsy or Velata team!

~Becky Sattler
Independent Scentsy Star Director