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February 23, 2017

5 Keys to a Rocking Sales Month - Scentsy Consultant

5 Keys to Having a Rocking Sales Month as a Scentsy Consultant

As much as we talk about recruiting new individuals to join Scentsy and become Consultants on your team, it's imperative you get comfortable selling Scentsy as well. Here's our five tips on how to get out of a slump and get yourself back into rocking your Scentsy sales and growing your customer base. As always, if you're tired of reading our blogposts or watching our video tips on how to be an awesome Scentsy Consultant and you're fired up and ready to launch your own Scentsy business and start earning free travel, enjoy more time with family, or pay off some debt, then by all means, follow the link to Join My Scentsy Team!!

Make a Scentsy Sales Goal

Goals give you direction. The top achievers across all fields from athletes, to successful business-owners use goals to direct their focus and measure their progress. Having a target helps narrow your focus and so you can identify what it will take to hit your target. Everyone, including you, started your Scentsy business with a hope of something - whether it was simply to be able to buy the products at a discount or to earn free travel, extra money, or to make it their main source of income; identify what that is for you and make goals to get you there. One of the saddest things for us as top Scentsy sponsors is when we’ve had to watch visionary, capable, high-potential individuals give up on their Scentsy business because they never used goals to chase their initial dreams.

This includes making a daily plan of specifics that you will do every day to achieve your goals. Whether it’s to send out an email, or PM you best customers, or text locals - whatever it is, break down your big monthly goal into bite-size daily ones that you can own and that will get you to your big goal. Don’t allow yourself to surrender your goal to speed bumps or roadblocks that might come up. You’ll get discouraged and experience some rejection and disappointment so be stubborn with your goal, don’t give up when your efforts don’t yield what you were hoping.

Diversify How You Sell Scentsy

We all have our favorite way of doing things AND our favorite ways of not doing some things and avoiding things that intimidate us. Now, obviously, leverage what you know and what you’re good at but don’t run away from other methods of getting additional sales. Try something new. If you’ve never done a home party, try one. You’ll be surprised, they’re more fun and easy than you’d think. If you’ve never done a fb party, a fundraiser, basket party, fair and show, - try it. Or, even better, think of your own unique way of getting sales.

In the world of retail they talk about the three ways to get more sales - get more customers, get them to buy from you more often, and increase the average amount they spend with you. When you joined Scentsy and became a Scentsy Consultant, you became your own sales channel so examine your relationship with your customers and determine in which of those three areas you can grow your sales. There are so many unique, different ways to grow your sales, it’s worth it to diversify your approach.

Follow-up With Your Scentsy Customers 

It’s age-old marketing wisdom that it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to simply take care of existing customers and help them be your best customers and source of consistent sales. In my experience, when I’ve contacted my Scentsy customers to make them aware of sales, specials, promotions, BBMB, 10% off, Scent of the Month or just to see if they wanted to get a fresh batch of new scents in the 6 pack; they appreciated being made aware of it and felt like I was doing them a service. Rarely did they express irritation that I was making them aware of our specials. Done with the right mindset and in the spirit of taking care of a Scentsy customer, well-done follow-up can become a thriving source of sales for you every month.

As a Scentsy Consultant, remember to keep your follow-up focused and simple with a clear call-to-action and make it easy to do it. For example, if you send out a text to your VIP customers be sure you tell them why you’re texting them (It’s 10% off month! Your favorite Scentsy scents are now only $3.75 vs. $5.00 when bought in a 6pack!) and make it easy for them to take advantage of why you texted them like including a link to your PWS in the text. Take care of your Scentsy customers by letting them know when relevant specials, new products, or discounts are available and they’ll appreciate it and you’ll be able to increase your sales!

Ditch Distractions

Take a diet from your distractions, particularly the communication distractions - emails. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram, whatever they are. Don’t let yourself get trapped in the busy-ness of responding to every like, reply, PM, retweet, or email urgently. The constant looking down and refreshing of the various social feeds on our phones suck our focus and energy and cripple our ability to make consistent, solid progress. With your goals made and a daily plan in place, prioritize getting those done without the ever-shiney object of social media squirreling you away from your goals that you really want to ensure get done.

Sometimes, and this may be you, but sometimes we check our phones not because we’re really eager to see an update as much we want to avoid something we fear, or feel uncomfortable doing. That’s another reason this is on the list and speaks to our last tip - put down the distractions and get ‘er done. Feel free to implement a reward system - once I get orders totalling 200 PRV than I'll check fb for 5 minutes. Now, though it might sound like it, I’m not suggesting you become good friends with a volleyball and live on a deserted island. This is prioritizing getting your results above things that can wait.

Do it.

These tips are well and good but if we don’t get over ourselves and do it, nothing happens. I’ve seen lots of Consultants make goals and express determination to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals only to see them surrender to procrastination, fear, distractions, and poor time management. Don’t let yourself be the greatest obstacle to your Scentsy success. I’ve heard every rationale as to why goals didn’t happen but at the end of the day, in most cases, it’s a matter of fear or skills. Sometimes Scentsy Consultants become afraid of being public as a direct seller, because they aren’t comfortable in their own skin as a Consultant and are anxious about having labels attached them that sometimes accompany direct selling.

Other times, it’s a fear of failure, it can be nerve-wracking to put yourself out there to achieve a goal and not be successful. But really, do any of us mock the hundreds of Olympic athletes that don’t leave with a medal? Of course not. If it’s not fear, then it’s a skill gap, you simply don’t feel like you know how to have a home party, or do a fundraiser, etc. Regardless, whether it’s fear or skills, there’s a million amazing training videos in the workstation and a massive amount of expertise in my Scentsy group that would be happy to help. But, at the end of the day, nobody but you can make the calls, have the party, send the texts, or etc. It’s all entirely in your hands, just do it. 

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