Joining Scentsy as a Independent Consultant is one of the best choices I have ever made. My husband and I have started multiple business but none have as been rewarding as our Scentsy business. I became a Scentsy Consultant in 2008 and have sponsored hundreds of Consultants helping them grow their business and achieve their goals earning the Annual Mentor Award 5 years in a row! I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of Consultants join my team or other teams and seen some become Consultants and rock and roll their business while others seem to fade and leave.

Join Scentsy Team Player Determined Optimistic Goal Setter

In the direct selling industry it’s often said that at any given moment, one-third of your team is just starting, another third is really working and earning, while another third is on their way out. Meaning they’ve hit some kind of obstacle and lost their drive and momentum to keep chasing their goals. In the more than 8 years that I’ve been a Scentsy Consultant I’ve seen plenty of great individuals become Scentsy Consultants, face an obstacle and lose their steam and let their business fade away. It could be a matter of bad timing, it could be that they were not comfortable coming out of their comfort zone, or maybe their team grew and they felt uncomfortable being a leader, or they felt unsupported by friends, family, co-workers etc. who had the antiquated stereotype of direct selling undermining the success of their friend – whatever the reason is, people join and don’t capture whatever they envisioned in their head.

So who will be a rockstar Scentsy Consultant? First, I can say that I’ve not found any demographic answer to who will be a successful Scentsy Consultant. Everyone, regardless of background, education, income level, race, where you live or any other factor seems to consistently indicate how much success you’ll achieve as a Scentsy Consultant. Even having past experience in direct selling isn’t a clear indicator. I’ve seen individuals join Scentsy from all over the world from all sorts of backgrounds, and some with amazing experience in direct selling – sellers of other brands with years of experience and yet that doesn’t always translate into success with Scentsy. If it’s not experience, education or any of these things that determine success what does?

There are a handful of things that I’ve observed that have a very real and noticeable difference in how much success a Consultant is able to achieve after they become a Scentsy Consultant. Now what is so amazing and inspiring about the things I’ve observed are vital ingredients in the recipe for success is that they are characteristics that ANYONE can have. There is no monopoly on them so there is no reason anyone, from any background can become an amazing Scentsy Consultant.

The first is Optimistic. No matter your background, years of direct selling or professional experience, you will be hard-pressed to achieve any significant Scentsy goals without overcoming some obstacles. I’m not saying that the road to success is impossible or only for the real superheroes of the world but, like any real notable achievement, you will need to get comfortable out of your comfort zone and be able to overcome fears or skill gaps. Whether it’s fear of failure, lower sales than planned, a potential recruit that declines, or some other thing – those who can lift up their head and optimistically move forward, win. Success as a Scentsy Consultant, no matter how you define that – trips, time with family, working from home, extra income or lots of income, – whatever that is, is more attainable than most people realize, including many Scentsy Consultants! But without optimism people sell themselves short and give up. Optimism is the silver lining. For example, because Scentsy is a very popular product, from time to time a product will sellout within hours of it being introduced. It’s a real bummer and I poor pity the poor folks who spend hours and hours estimating, calculating, counting and forecasting how much of a particular product to produce. It’s a thankless job and sometimes they get it wrong. But, what am I going to do? Complain that my products are so popular and wish I could join the countless numbers of Consultants with other companies begging people to buy my product? There is always a positive side to every news, training ourselves to find it is the trick. By no means does that mean we, as Consultants no longer carry the need to communicate to the company when they screw up but after that, the best course forward is with a positive attitude.

The second is being a Team Player. We’re all in this together – life and Scentsy – and to achieve any of the goals that most people have with their Scentsy business, it’s imperative to have the ability to work with people that are different from you. Because as your Scentsy business grows you will recruit people, possibly from all over the world where Scentsy is available, and they will be different than you. I’ve found that those who join Scentsy with an attitude of “We’re all in this together” and help their fellow teammates and their downlines, really get their business off on the right foot.

Join Scentsy Become a Scentsy Consultant

Being a self-starter. In the more than 8 years I’ve been a Scentsy Consultant I’ve been at a leader level for almost 7 of those years. I’ve welcomed amazing new individuals on my team and been super excited for them. I would put myself in their shoes and envision ways they could have awesome sales success and grow their team given their unique strengths only to find out that I was thinking more about their success than they were. Every new Consultant asks me to help them grow their business, and I absolutely LOVE helping EVERYONE achieve their goals. That is my new “WHY”, meaning I am not a Scentsy Consultant just for the money or trips or anything else. Nothing is more motivating to me than to see, as cheesy as it sounds, the lives of my team change as a result of their Scentsy business. SO many have discovered they can be home with their kids and still bring home a good income, earn free trips for them and their significant other, help cover bills after a spouse is let go from work, or pay off pesky student loans. THAT makes it SO MUCH FUN.

That said, I discovered that when I jumped in and held my new Consultants hand leading them along the path to success I actually did them a disservice and robbed them a bit of the “Baptism by Fire” experience that fuels their drive. Since I could easily see them as a successful Consultant in my minds eye, I worked to help them but in the long run, they didn’t strengthen their self-starter muscles so they floundered. Now, my approach is I don’t push or pull, I partner. I will work alongside you, recognize your success, cheer you on and help you overcome skill gaps or fears but I cannot earn you a trip or a promotion. And in the long-run, it is better that way. That seems so counter-intuitive but I’ve found it to be true.

Determination. If you could work hard for 2 years and earn a Doctors salary would you do it? How many years do so many of us work hard for a Bachelor’s degree, or a Masters, or even longer – to be a doctor? I’ve seen both talented, promising individuals and seemingly untalented, and unpromising individuals join Scentsy and become Scentsy Consultants, and I’ve seen people from both groups go on to experience massive success and people from both groups that let their business die. Along with the other characteristics I’ve talked about, those that found success seemed able to keep on keepin’ on when confronted with obstacles. Not only that, they didn’t let life happen to them, they made goals and dreams with dreamboards and pictures of what they wanted to earn or win sticky-tacked to the mirror in the bathroom or in their car. They decided what they wanted and worked to earn it, at all cost. The simple act of deciding what you want, writing it down, posting it all over the house, and doing whatever it takes to make it happen is very, very powerful. And, again, no one has a monopoly on determination, nor is it very complicated. It’s as easy as what I just wrote. Determination and stick-to-it-tiveness is something that I cannot give or train which makes it so vital to your success as a Scentsy Consultant. I can help you make goals, I can even help make dreamboards, but how well you make it happen and actually do it every day is up to you.