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January 17, 2014

Australia Scentsy

Scentsy in Australia

Scentsy is growing so quickly in Australia.  In just 4 short months, there are already almost 1,000 Consultants - 11 of whom are already DIRECTORS!  There is plenty of room to join, and the momentum is just getting going.  Join Scentsy in Australia now and get in while it's still on the ground level and so new.

Australia Scentsy Business

Get your Australia Scentsy business started on the fast-track and earn your Scentsy Shooting Star Award.  Sell 500 RPV in your first 15 days as a Scentsy Australia Consultant and you'll have it!  Sell another 500 PRV (1,000 PRV total) and you will earn your first promotion and permanent pay raise!  Almost all of my Scentsy Australia team members have earned these awards since joining - join my Scentsy Australia team and I will help you earn it too.  I will be your Australia Scentsy sponsor and mentor to help you be successful with your new Scentsy business.

Scentsy Growth in Australia

Here are the numbers for Scentsy Australia from November 2013... we have even more consultants since then, but this gives you an idea of how quickly it's growing!  Jump on in and start your Australia Scentsy business anywhere in Australia today.

Australian Capital Territory 11
New South Wales 159
Northern Territory 14
Queensland 250
South Australia 52
Tasmania 33
Victoria 204
Western Australia 138

Sell Scentsy in Australia

~ Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director

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