19 06, 2014

How to Change Scentsy Wax

Scentsy Wax Melts, doesn't burn Scentsy wickless candles are safe because they don't have a flame, and also no fire.  That means the wax does not burn when you turn on your Scentsy warmer, but it melts.  The specially formulated fragrance wax melts at a low temperature, releasing only the Scentsy scent into your home. [...]

12 02, 2013

Awakening Scentsy Bar

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Awakening Scentsy Bar This Scentsy bar "Awakening" features the following fragrances: white peach and vanilla, pineapple, and amber. It's on sale right now in my Scentsy online store for only $4.50!

6 02, 2013

Scentsy ScenTrend

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ScenTrend 2013: Violet Leaf Violet Leaf ScenTrend 2013 Did you love experimenting with Pink Pepper, ScenTrend fragrance of 2012?  ScenTrend fragrances are meant to be added to existing Scentsy fragrances to change the scent and give it a slightly different twist.  The ScenTrend for 2013 is Violet Leaf. In this fast-paced world, we often yearn [...]

6 10, 2012

New Scentsy Scents fall winter 2012

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Fall Winter Catalog Fragrances Fall & Winter Scentsy Scent Collection 2012 Check out all of these new fragrances. There are some great one's in there and I look forward to hearing how everyone likes them! Black Ruby Scentsy Bar $5.00 Buckleberry Scentsy Bar $5.00 Central Park Pralines Scentsy Bar $5.00 Cinnamon Bear Scentsy Bar $5.00 Cinnamon Vanilla Scentsy Bar $5.00 [...]

17 03, 2011

How to Get Scentsy Wax Out of Carpet

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Scentsy Wax spilled on your carpet? Although Scentsy is SAFE and will not pose any fire hazard, it could still spill on your carpet! I've been lucky to never have had Scentsy wax spill on my carpet (even with five little kiddies! Whew!), but I have had it spill down my bathroom wall.  I found a [...]

14 02, 2011

How Scentsy works

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Scentsy Basics I just ran into a friend who mentioned she has a Scentsy Warmer but the wax is lasting forever because the dish never gets empty!  I noticed her warmer was plugged in, but I didn't smell any scent.  As I explained how Scentsy works, I realized I needed to post and spread the [...]