How to Make $500 Your First Month as a Scentsy Consultant

The best way to really get your new Scentsy business off the ground is to make some money right off the bat. Why? Well, first, there’s no better satisfaction than paying off your Scentsy Consultant business startup costs – everything after that is icing on the cake! And secondly, money is a great motivator and convincer. I have a Scentsy Consultant friend whose husband was a little less than supportive. Not a hater just not very enthusiastic about his wife’s business. Well, long story short he saw a surround sound stereo system he wanted and his wife said she’d buy it for him with her Scentsy income the next month. He muttered a “yeah, sure” under his breath and forgot all about it. Three weeks later when he saw the new surround sound stereo in his family room he was a believer and is now a very supportive Scentsy husband. 🙂

Earning money really gets some wind in your sails so make a goal to earn enough money to pay for something significant to you – a phone bill, cover a date night or two, a car payment, or even a mortgage – whatever it is make it relevant to you. The nice thing about being a Scentsy Consultant is that it’s pretty straight forward how to earn money. Make a goal of how much you’d like to earn and it’s pretty simple to figure out how you can earn that money. I started with $500. I chose $500 because it’s a great chunk of change that’s high enough to really change your finances that doesn’t take a massive change in your life to earn.

How to Make $500 my first month as a Scentsy Consultant

You can always shoot for more, but I think a check for $500 is a great way to start. That’s only 4 parties, or 1 a week, of $500 each. Remember, parties come in all shapes and sizes. You can have your own party, you can have a party on facebook in a private group where you livestream you with the products, you can do open houses, basket parties, fundraisers, etc. However you like to grow your Scentsy Consultant. Your determination and creativity are your greatest assets so don’t give up on yourself before you’ve really given it the ol’ college try.

Now while you’re out selling, remember to invite anyone to join your Scentsy team and jump in with you. When you begin your Scentsy Consultant career you are able to tap into 1 of the 10 ways you can earn money as a Scentsy Consultant and only 2 of those have to do with your own sales. All of the remaining 8 reflect how well you do at growing your team and helping them take care of their customers and grow their own teams! So the fastest way to really grow your income is to keep selling while growing a team of Scentsy Consultants and helping them rock their own businesses.

We’re cheering for you and have no evidence to think that you can’t do this! If you’re about done reading our blog posts about how you could have your own Scentsy business, be your own boss, earn free trips, and earn a great income and you’re ready to launch your own Scentsy Consultant business follow the link to become a Scentsy Consultant! We’re excited for you and to welcome you to our team!