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May 30, 2015

Join in June Scentsy

Join Scentsy in June

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Join my Scentsy team now at https://sattler.scentsy.us/join during June 2015 to take advantage of this great offer.


Best time to join Scentsy is June 2015!  Why?

  • Scentsy Starter Kit only $99 US or $119 CAD and includes everything you need to get started
  • Free shipping on your Scentsy Starter Kit (usually $10)
  • Free Shooting Star Enhancement Kit when you sell 500 PRV in your first 15 days (valued over $300!!)
  • Earn commission on all sales, right from the start
  • Join to start earning a free trip to Cozumel during June and July
  • Set your Scentsy business up for the big fall sales season

Join Scentsy in June for the chance to get $400 in product!

This top picture is the current Scentsy Starter Kit contents, which always costs $99 USD or $119 CAD to purchase.  It's over $200 value, for only $99!  The Scentsy Join in June promo gives you the chance to earn the Scentsy Shooting Star Kit (valued over $300!!) for FREE too when you sell 500 PRV (about $500) in your first 15 days.  What an amazing time to join Scentsy and get a great start in June!


How to Get Started Selling Scentsy 

Join Scentsy in June

Join and Sell Scentsy

~Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director
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